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Ah, Spring! Along with the bird chirps and rays of sunshine comes the anguish of filing your taxes. Episodes of Seinfeld and comic book strips tell us we should fear Tax Season. But we say rejoice! A tax refund could be enough to send you on your way to a dream vacation.
Posted: 3/11/2014 1:46:34 PM by Jeffrey Deck | with 0 comments
Happy New Year! Whether your personal finances took a turn for the better or for the worse in 2013, we at Delta Community Credit Union believe there’s no better time than the present to ensure things look GREEN in 2014. As you consider resolutions for the new year, here are our recommendations for making the most of your money.
Posted: 12/30/2013 9:05:53 AM by Jeffrey Deck | with 0 comments
The holidays are a great time to show appreciation for the people and organizations that make our lives special. Many of us strive to find the perfect way to show our family and friends how much they mean, and we also like to contribute to causes that are important to us. But even during this season of giving, it’s important to live within our means. Being responsible about our finances now enables us to give generously throughout the rest of the year.
Posted: 12/11/2013 9:58:50 AM by Jeffrey Deck | with 0 comments
Don’t let the falling temperatures this winter make your energy bill go sky high. Finding ways to cut your energy bill doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s the simple choices you make that can put the most dollars back in your wallet.
Posted: 11/5/2013 4:55:09 PM by Jeffrey Deck | with 0 comments
November is in full swing and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Sometimes it may seem like the holidays are all about excess – but don’t let holiday entertaining put a major dent in your bank account! If you plan ahead and shop wisely, you can serve a beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving meal – even on a bare bones budget.
Posted: 11/5/2013 3:31:30 PM by Jeffrey Deck | with 0 comments
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