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Accident/Cancer Insurance

Think about the unthinkable.

Like most people, you probably can’t imagine having to deal with something as devastating as cancer or as random as an unexplainable accident. We’re all invincible, right?

That is, until it actually happens. The safest thing to do is be prepared in case tragedy strikes. Members Insurance Advisors has the protection you need to make sure you and your family are covered with insurance that will fit your needs. That's why they offer discounted rates on Aflac accident and cancer insurance. While major medical insurance can help with healthcare costs, it often falls short when it comes to other unexpected expenses. Not so with Aflac. Aflac insures you for daily living.

Take a look at two different types of coverage Aflac offers:

Personal Accident Indemnity Plan

This insurance helps cover expenses resulting from injuries sustained in an accident. And unless you assign benefits, it pays you directly regardless of any other insurance you may have. You can use your cash benefits however you choose, for accident-related expenses or something else. As far as benefits go, you’ll have the option of covering yourself and your family for emergency treatment, follow-up treatment, initial hospitalization, hospital confinement, physical therapy, accidental death and more.*

Cancer/Specified Disease Policy

This policy helps cover expenses that result from you or someone in your family being diagnosed with cancer. Like Aflac’s Personal Accident Indemnity Plan, you can use the money however you choose whether it’s to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as co-payments and treatment-related travel, your mortgage or rent payments, utilities, car payment and even groceries. These benefits are paid directly to the policyholder unless otherwise assigned, regardless of any other coverage you may already have in place. And because we know how important your cash benefits can be during this time, Aflac processes claims quickly, most within four days.**

Ready to apply or need more information?

Simply click here or call 404-677-8652 or 866-444-4617. Or, you can email Members Insurance Advisors at if that’s easier for you.

*Certain plan benefits may not be available in all states.
**This information pertains to American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus and American Family Life Assurance Company of New York only.  
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