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Every transaction can be a successful transaction.

We understand that you can’t plan and prepare for everything in life. It’s going to throw you some wrenches along the way. But one thing you can do is make sure you’re covered when the unexpected comes your way by enrolling in Delta Community's Account Protection tools.

It will prevent your ATM and Visa® Check Card from being declined because of insufficient funds due to an emergency or unexpected situation. And it will also prevent your checks and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments from being returned when your account balance doesn’t meet the payment amount.

Simply review our Account Protection Tools and choose the service(s) that best fit your life.

  Overdraft Courtesy Pay Courtesy Pay Plus
Description of Service Free service that allows you to link qualified accounts (Savings, Visa, Money Market or Line of Credit) for free.* Your Checking account is automatically linked to your Savings account at the time of account opening unless otherwise indicated. Account protection service that covers check and Automated Clearing House (ACH) items such as electronic payments (i.e., mortgage) using your checking account number that would normally be returned when there are insufficient funds in the account.** Account protection service that covers Check Card and ATM Card purchases that would normally be declined at point-of-sale (POS) when there are insufficient funds in the account.**

* While not a fee, if Overdraft Protection is covered with a loan product, finance charges will accrue on unpaid outstanding balances.

**We pay overdrafts at our discretion under the Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus services. This means we do not guarantee we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction when there is not enough money available in your checking or designated overdraft protection accounts to cover the item. For example, we may not pay overdrafts when you are in default on a loan with Delta Community or your account is otherwise not in good standing. Fees up to $35 may be assessed for each transaction.

Repayment of the overdraft amount is required within 30 days to maintain eligibility for this service. If you have additional overdraft items during this time, the account still must be brought to a positive balance on or before the 30th day from the date of the initial overdraft item. Deposits received by Delta Community CU during the 30 days will be applied first to your overdrawn checking balance.

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