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Delta Community Retirement & Investment Services is a great way to find experienced financial advisors who can give you an objective, logical, impartial view of the best way to get where you’re planning to go. We also promise you the most attentive service out there. And to prove it we strive to return all phone calls within 24 hours so you’ll get the timely service you’re looking for.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 404-677-4890. You can also email us at And to see a list of free financial education workshops presented by Delta Community Retirement & Investment Services, click here or visit the Events page under the Community tab.

Have you reviewed your life insurance needs lately?

Delta Community Retirement & Investment Services can help you decide if you can benefit from a life insurance review. We'll examine your individual financial situation, and review your original and current financial goals.

Though it's not required for your visit, you can get a head start by clicking here for the Life Insurance Needs Analysis and by clicking here for the Preliminary Inquiry Insurance Quote forms. Simply print, complete and bring it with you for your consultation.

Delta Community Retirement & Investment Services Financial Advisors

Terry L. Anderson, CRPC®* 
Financial Advisor

Specialties: Retirement Income Planning, Investment Management, Risk Management, Social Security Planning, Coaching Retirees to “Live the Dream”.
I’ve been in the financial services industry since 1986 and here at Delta Community since 1998, just four years after Delta Community started helping members with their retirement and investment needs. I was the only advisor at the time, and I’ve seen an incredible amount of growth over the years as the program has increased its number of clients by almost 10 times.

One of my areas of expertise is in retirement planning packages. I’ve helped numerous members make life-changing decisions regarding offers from their employers. Member education is very important to me. I demonstrate this as a speaker at our various financial workshops and in working with clients to understand why we recommend a certain product - why they should own it, the risks involved and the costs incurred.

Providing the ultimate member service experience is a big priority for me. I’m happy to be a part of a team that shares this mindset. I listen closely to what my clients say, consider the facts and respond with my best advice. I consider every situation with the same amount of thought and concern that I would if I were working with a member of my own family. The approach I take with regard to major financial decisions is to always look out for our members’ best interests. I know that the decisions you make now greatly affect your financial future, and I can make recommendations to help put you on the right path.

I’m an eight-time recipient of the prestigious “Presidents Council” award for top Advisors. I’ve also served on the CUNA Brokerage’s Senior Advisor Leadership Team (SALT) for nine years, helping other investment representatives to become more successful.   

My wife, Linda, is a second grade teacher. We have two children who are college students. I enjoy golf, saltwater boating and family vacations.

Terry is a Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM.

Natalie Barber, CFP®* 
Financial Planner

Specialties:  Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Young Professionals, Investment Management, Planning for Couples, Life Transitions.
Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and with that comes more information, more options and more items on your ever growing to-do list.  It’s becoming almost impossible to keep track of it all. As a financial planner with Delta Community Retirement & Investment Services, I’m here to help you organize and make sense of one of the key pieces of your day to day life, your financial well-being.  
I took an introductory course in financial planning while I was in college that showed me how significant a role financial decisions play in our daily lives. From paying down debts and establishing a budget, to buying a home and shopping insurance rates, to investing for retirement and a college education for your children and ensuring that your loved ones are provided for through estate planning, our financial lives impact virtually everything that we do.  Recognizing this led me to obtain my bachelor’s degree in financial planning and become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM.

Over my six years in this field, I have had the opportunity to provide comprehensive financial planning to corporate executives, present seminars to employees of Fortune 500 companies, the City of Atlanta, and now I provide financial guidance and counsel to the members of Delta Community Credit Union. My passion is helping members fully understand their overall finances and alleviating the stress that can come with managing and maintaining a personal financial plan. I’m successful when you feel confident and comfortable in your financial life, with everything in order so you can focus on the people and things that matter most to you.

I am married to my college sweetheart, Matt, and we live in Brookhaven with our two four-legged “kids”, Sullie and Lucy.  We enjoy spending time outdoors, discovering new cities and going to sporting events with our friends and family.


Julie R. Bates, CFP®*, ChFC®*
Director, Financial Planner

Specialties:  Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management, Risk Management, Sudden Wealth Management, Social Security Planning, Divorce Issues, Estate Planning Conversations, Women’s Finances, Government and Military, LGBT Individuals and Couples.
Everyone leaves with homework! In my 18 years of experience, even the most disciplined members have holes in their financial plan. The real challenge is in seeing the big picture and analyzing all of the working parts together. Members are frequently focused on returns.  I like to say that it isn’t how much you make that’s important…it’s how much you keep. 

I feel lucky to do this work; I get to help people from all walks of life. No two families or individuals are the same. I help young professionals balance dreams of retirement with the day-to-day expenses of raising children, buying a home and saving for a vacation. I help mature couples confirm that their efforts have paid off and that they’re ready to retire. I hold the hands of widows and widowers and comfort families faced with unspeakable tragedy. 

Coming from a long-line of tenacious, no-nonsense women, I will respectfully tell you what you need to hear even if it isn’t always what you want to hear. 

In a previous life, I was an Actuary designing retirement plan solutions for county governments, unions and banks. I quickly understood that it’s very difficult for an individual to close the gap between the wages one made during working years and the income expected in retirement from the company’s pension plan and Social Security. This realization led me to pursue the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM curriculum at Emory University. 

With the decline in company-sponsored pension plans and the growing complexity in the investment world, I became very passionate in my mission to educate and share this knowledge. Our members have a fundamental right to financial education. Education empowers our members with choices that allow them to experience well-lived financial lives.  As an on-air financial contributor to Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, WXIA 11 Alive and a guest speaker at employer partners such as Delta Air Lines, Chick-fil-A, gmc TV, Spelman College and Zoo Atlanta, I’m able to fulfill my life’s passion for financial education. 

Plain and simple, you should know what you own, why you own it and how much it costs you. Acting as the Retirement & Investment Services’ Director, I play an active role in evaluating the products and services offered to our membership. We don’t sell proprietary funds. Our open architecture allows our financial professionals to do what they believe is right for the member each and every time, clearly demonstrating a consistent fiduciary standard at a price point that’s extremely competitive in the marketplace.

It’s tremendously fulfilling to inspire my clients to build a strong foundation for tomorrow.

I live in Peachtree City with my husband Paul and daughters, Marilyn and Nora. When I’m not being a soccer mom, I enjoy abstract painting, photography and taking well-planned family vacations.

Julie is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and a Chartered Financial Consultant®.

Shaun M. Crawley, CFP®*
Financial Advisor

Specialties: Retirement Planning, Retirement Income, Social Security Planning, Estate Planning Conversations, Investment Management, Sudden Wealth Management.
Concerns about money are common among many of us. You don’t have to face these concerns alone. Need a fresh perspective? My job is to help people from all walks of life make good financial choices.
I promise you two things if we work together. The first promise is to help you make good financial decisions by providing you with clear and objective information.  The second promise is to help you avoid making bad financial choices. Sometimes, the second promise turns out to be more important than the first. To accomplish these two goals, I will focus on the details of your financial life and what matters most to you. I’ll try to ask the right questions, listen carefully to what you have to say, present you with the appropriate solutions for your situation, and always have your best interest at heart. The goal is not to force a solution on you. The goal is to be helpful to you. 
I’m incredibly fortunate to be a Financial Advisor and following the career advice that I give my daughters – “find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. It’s a privilege to do what I do. Whether it’s reading books and articles by the best minds in finance, participating in local and national conferences by the Financial Planning Association, or doing outreach volunteer work to educate the public about money, I love my profession. 
My “book world” experience comes from studying at the College for Financial Planning to become a Certified Financial Planner™. But my “real world” experience has taught me that there are many ways to measure wealth and the financial aspect is only one of them. So when I help someone with Retirement Planning, for example, we always consider the emotional and physical aspects of their situation. You’ll also see this broad, holistic approach in the many workshops we write and present through Retirement & Investment Services. I’ve had the joy of helping to research, write and present a variety of the topics that we cover. If you haven’t joined us at one of our workshops, I hope that you will consider attending.
You’d be correct to conclude that I take my job of helping our members quite seriously. But a word of warning – you and I may have a few laughs along the way. And while you’re not required to smile at my occasional attempts at humor, I’ve found it makes the process all the more enjoyable.
My wife, Connie, is an educator, and we have two daughters in college including one in Japan. I’m originally from New England. We have been happy residents of Fayette County for over 25 years. I enjoy time with my family, international travel and walks with Molly - the world’s best dog.


Debbie Parrish, CRPC®*
Financial Advisor

Specialties:  Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Long Term Care, Sudden Wealth Management,  Social Security Planning,  Estate Planning Conversations, Women’s Finances.
I love what I do!  What makes it interesting is that everyone’s story is different. In my 15 years of financial planning, I haven’t heard the same scenario twice. I meet young couples just starting out their lives together who want to make sure they are doing the right things for their financial future.   Maybe they need a will or life insurance or just to contribute to their retirement plans. I know that if I can get them started on the right track, I can make a real difference in their lives. 

I also meet couples in their forties who are looking toward retirement. They want to know if they’re on track and if they will have enough money to meet their goals. I review their financial plan with them and make recommendations for adjustments to their investments or an increase in contributions to their retirement plans if necessary. We may also need to implement investments strategies for excess cash deposits. 

Then there are the Baby Boomers that are getting ready to leave the workforce. It’s sometimes scary for them to think that when the paychecks stop, they will have to live for many years on what they managed to accumulate during their working careers. I want to make sure they have all their planning documents in place and a long term care plan. I always say, “I need a plan if I die today and a plan if I live to 105.  If I have one, then everything in between is taken care of.”

And then life happens. From experience I know life never goes as planned. Couples divorce and even if a marriage lasts for a long time at some point one is left behind. I relate to women in these situations, and I’m passionate about working with them to get their lives moving forward. 

After graduation from Georgia State University, my first job was in healthcare, where I found my passion for helping people. I then transitioned to the financial industry as an advisor for Smith Barney. I was there for 10 years prior to joining Delta Community Credit Union.  I have been helping our members for over five years and am very blessed to be a part of this organization.

I have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.  My home is in Peachtree City, and I’m an avid gardener.

Debbie is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor SM.

Cathy Reinhardt, CFP®, CIMA®
Financial Planner

Specialties: Comprehensive Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Women’s Finances
Working with you and your loved ones begins with a consultative approach starting with an in-depth conversation of your current finances, personal objectives and financial values.  Serving each member with skill, empathy and dedication is the core of what we do. We will explore where you are today and the steps you need to take to be financially independent and successful. We will discuss financial issues you may have overlooked that can have a significant impact on your financial life and retirement.  I will help you develop both a short and long term financial plan encompassing your financial goals and dreams as well as risk management strategies necessary for your successful retirement, whether it’s now or in years to come. Finally, we’ll monitor your investment strategies and financial plans for changing circumstances, opportunities and unforeseen events that may impact your overall financial life. We’ll be there at every turn along the road, advising and adjusting strategies along the way. This holistic approach results in an unusually high success rate.

Every great Financial Planner has an investment philosophy. I believe necessary ingredients emphasize global diversification, discipline, patience and price. Global diversification may lower the portfolio risk and increase the opportunity for enhanced returns. Discipline is critical to the investment process and must be consistently applied especially when it is uncomfortable. Patience is the hallmark of great investors. Price is critical, because risk is a function of price. This approach enables us to custom design portfolio solutions to fit your risk, time horizon and objectives at every stage of your life.

Getting to know and understand our members, setting goals with them and working together diligently to pursue their dreams is what I enjoy most about my job. It’s so exciting and rewarding to see people succeed. Your investments aren’t just about the money. It encompasses so much more - your hard work, your values, your dreams, your family and your future. Simply put, it’s about your life and your money.

I am an active participant in continuing education programs in the financial field. I have earned two distinguished national certifications, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Investment Management Analyst®.

I participate in numerous sport activities and enjoy reading, volunteer work and visiting my nieces and nephews. As a successful athlete, I have learned to dream BIG, set goals, overcome obstacles, work hard and to be patient and disciplined.

Cathy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and a Certified Investment Management Analyst®.


FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
ChFC® - Chartered Financial Consultant®*
CIMA® - Certified Investment Management Analyst®*
CRPC® - Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM*

*None of these designations are affiliated with CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.

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