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    There is Great Value in Teaching Your Children Fiscal Responsibility

    By Delta Community

    There are many creative ways to educate your children on how to save money. In addition to opening a savings account for your child, the following tips and ideas can guide you as you show them how to save and be responsible with their money. Read More

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    Don’t Let Your Hard-Earned Cash Become a Couch Potato

    By Delta Community

    We’re all guilty of it. We put money in our savings account and let it sit there, collecting dust. Industry professionals refer to this as “lazy money” and it does nothing for your financial portfolio. In order to earn a higher interest rate, you need to explore alternative account options including a CD – also known as a Certificate of Deposit. Read More

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    You Don’t Need to Write Checks to Need a Checking Account

    By Delta Community

    Having a checking account is a great way to account for your money and keep your finances organized. I happen to use mine for everything ranging from automatic bill payments, online banking and direct deposit.
    Check cards are also an extremely convenient way to manage your finances. Read More

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    Insuring your teenager through Members Insurance Advisors

    By Delta Community

    Over the summer, I do my best to avoid thinking about going back to school in the fall, getting stressed out and doing homework. But, in reality, summer is the best time to plan ahead for upcoming tasks, school and what is ahead for me. Read More

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    Buying a New Home? Delta Community Can Opens Doors For You!

    By Delta Community

    My husband and I recently decided to purchase a new home. With home prices and interest rates at all-time lows, it just made sense. Our first stop was Delta Community’s mortgage department. They have great options for any type of buyer.  Read More

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    What’s Mine Is Not Yours!

    By Delta Community

    Have you ever had one of those moments when you look down at your credit card statement and realize, wait, that wasn’t me? It’s likely you or someone you know has had this happen, and for the lucky ones, it doesn’t go beyond just one mishap.  Read More

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    Isn’t a Credit Union the Same As a bank?

    By Delta Community

    In my over 30 years in the financial field, there’s one question that I’m continuously asked whenever I note my place of employment. That question isn't what’s your department like, how many work people in the marketing department or how long have you worked there. A large percentage of people I meet all want to know one thing: how is a credit union different than a bank? Read More

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    Buying My First Car

    By Delta Community

    A few years ago, I moved to Atlanta and was in the market for a car - not just any car, but my first without my parent’s help! Because I was new to the car-buying process, I went to several dealerships looking for which car I liked best that would fit into my modest budget. Read More

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    Why Students Need to Open Accounts Before Starting College

    By Delta Community

    As we wrap up the 2012 Delta Community CU Scholarship program and announce the three winners that will receive $5,000 toward their college education, I can’t help but think about all the applicants we had this year - each with a slew of academic accomplishments and essay submissions that spoke of their hopes and plans for future. Read More

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    Saving Money is Fun With Cool Cash Kids

    By Delta Community

    Teaching your kids to manage their own money can be tough. You may feel like they’re too young to truly get a grasp on what saving money really means or believe that the free online education tools on the web today are boring and not engaging enough to keep your child motivated. Read More

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