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    Find Out Why Others Made the Switch!

    By Delta Community

    If you're thinking about switching more of your financial business to Delta Community, you might be interested in hearing what others have said about partnering with us. Read More

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    Build Your Credit and Get Rewarded At The Same Time

    By Delta Community

    One of my friends recently paid off all of her credit cards and cut them up, vowing never to use them again. I told her that was a big mistake. Sure, it’s cool to be debt free, but part of having good credit is maintaining it. Read More

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    A Place Where Checking Is Still FREE

    By Delta Community

    I’m sure you’ve been reading that most big banks have either dropped free checking or have added requirements to the account to avoid fees like having direct deposit or requiring high account balances. Read More

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    Take Charge of Your Financial Future

    By Delta Community

    I was catching up with some of my best girlfriends last night, and we were talking about the power of women. It’s true! Women in our society care for loved ones and maintain successful careers and healthy lifestyles, but some of us fail to take charge of our financial futures. Read More

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    ID Thieves Target Young People: Summary of an Atlanta Journal Constitution article by J .Scott Trubey

    By Delta Community

    Preventing an adult’s identity from being stolen is often hard enough, but what about detecting when a child’s ID has been pilfered? In terms of finances, young children are typically blank slates, identity security experts say, making them a tempting and vulnerable target for fraudsters. Identity breaches can range from the use of Social Security numbers by illegal immigrants or others for employment background checks to strangers or even family members opening lines of credit or setting accounts for utilities under stolen IDs. Read More

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    "Car-Cloning" or "VIN-Cloning" Scheme

    By Delta Community

    This is a scheme by which thieves steal vehicles without taking the car. The cars are often listed for sale on The purchaser is asked for payment by cash, and meets the seller at a public location, such as a mall. When the purchaser takes the title to the State to register the vehicle, it is discovered there is a lien on the vehicle. Read More

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    Telemarketing Fraud

    By Delta Community

    Many legitimate companies and charities solicit consumers by phone. Unfortunately, con artists use the phone, too. They rob people every day, with phones as their weapons. Read More

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    Prevention of Online Identity Theft

    By Delta Community

    When shopping online, be wary of fake web sites designed to steal your information and, ultimately, your identity. Be careful about sites that store your online information. Do not shop from a public computer since other users may be able to access your stored usernames and passwords. Shop only from web sites that use encryption, or scrambling, to protect your information. Make sure the web site address begins with "https:" instead of "http:"This indicates that encryption is being used. Read More

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