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    Tips for Buying a Car Online

    By Delta Community

    It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we do business, and smart shoppers can leverage high-tech tools to save time and money with almost any product, including vehicles. If you hate dealing with the hassle of shopping in person for a new or used vehicle, you may want to consider an online approach.

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    Home Improvements That Deliver the Best R.O.I.

    By Delta Community

    Renovating even the smallest parts of your home can be daunting. Unexpected expenses often pile up, and if you’re the do-it-yourself type, the hours spent on various projects will consume much of your time. That’s why it is important to choose a project that will pay off later.

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    The Basics of Home Equity Loans and HELOCs

    By Delta Community

    The word “loan” can be an intimidating thing to hear at times. Thoughts of unmanageable debt and foreclosed homes may be some of the nightmares it can evoke, and if you remember its implication when the housing bubble popped in 2008, the very utterance of the word may leave a dirty taste in your mouth.

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    Insurance Assurance: 10 Timely Tips for Flood Insurance Security

    By Delta Community

    Many residents in the Carolinas are going through the long process of cleaning up after Hurricane Florence. Unfortunately, in addition to the heartbreaking damage and loss of property caused by such natural disasters, many residents will also be forced to cope with the frustration caused by having inadequate insurance on their home. Millions of people are at risk of their homes flooding because of a hurricane, but without flood insurance there may not be any coverage for damage caused by the flood. Read More

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    Are You Ready for Some Tailgating?

    By Delta Community

    In the south, cool autumn temperatures are still a long way from reality. But another harbinger of fall, high school and college football games, are already kicking off—along with another important fall season tradition: tailgating. Read More

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    Building Your Financial Foundation

    By Delta Community

    In order to build any great structure, you must start with a strong foundation. The same goes for your financial future. An expert from Delta Community gives her suggestions for those ready to take the next step towards becoming financially secure.  Read More

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    ​Protecting Our Senior Citizens From Financial Fraud

    By Delta Community

    Financial fraud is the fastest growing form of elder abuse. In our latest blog, we have outlined some common financial scams and what to do if you or your loved ones suspect possible fraud. Read More

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    Retirement Planning Advice for My 20-Something Daughter

    By Delta Community

    Planning for retirement may seem like something you don't have to worry about in your twenties, but that is far from the truth. An expert from Delta Community provides his take on what is important in a young person’s journey to working towards a comfortable retirement. Read More

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    Conquering Your Credit Score

    By Delta Community

    Your credit score is the key to many things in your financial life, but learning how to improve or repair it can be a challenge. Here are our tips to achieving financial greatness. Read More

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    Moms and Money: Raising a Financially Fit Family

    By Delta Community

    It's important that our children have an understanding of finances. Delta Community employee and mother to a four-year-old gives us her family-friendly finance tips.  Read More

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