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    ​Protecting Our Senior Citizens From Financial Fraud

    By Delta Community

    Financial fraud is the fastest growing form of elder abuse. In our latest blog, we have outlined some common financial scams and what to do if you or your loved ones suspect possible fraud. Read More

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    Retirement Planning Advice for My 20-Something Daughter

    By Delta Community

    Planning for retirement may seem like something you don't have to worry about in your twenties, but that is far from the truth. An expert from Delta Community provides his take on what is important in a young person’s journey to working towards a comfortable retirement. Read More

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    Conquering Your Credit Score

    By Delta Community

    Your credit score is the key to many things in your financial life, but learning how to improve or repair it can be a challenge. Here are our tips to achieving financial greatness. Read More

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    Moms and Money: Raising a Financially Fit Family

    By Delta Community

    It's important that our children have an understanding of finances. Delta Community employee and mother to a four-year-old gives us her family-friendly finance tips.  Read More

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    2018 Shred Days in the Community

    By Delta Community

    Are you looking for a way to safely and securely discard sensitive papers such as bank statements, medical history papers and pay stubs? We've compiled a list of upcoming local shred events to help meet your needs.
      Read More

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    Watching Out for You and Your Wallet

    By Delta Community

    It’s comforting to know that your financial institution has your back when it comes to protecting your money. Here are a few tools that we offer and a few steps you can take to keep yourself protected from card fraud. Read More

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    Protect Your Tax Returns From Identity Theft

    By Delta Community

    There are a number of tips to keep in mind as you file your state and federal taxes. These suggestions are meant to protect your data before you file, when you file and if your information has been compromised in the past. Read More

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    Talking Money With Your Honey

    By Delta Community

    Even though money is one of the leading causes of arguments between couples, finding that happy medium between spending and saving is easier than one might think. We’ve compiled a list of tasks to complete with your significant other to get on the same page when it comes to finances. Read More

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    2017 Tax Documents are Ready to Download

    By Delta Community

    Delta Community members enrolled in Online Statements can now access your 2017 tax documents in Online Banking.  Read More

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    Tax Tips: Contributing to an IRA

    By Delta Community

    It’s a new year which means one thing—time to start gathering all the documents needed to file your 2017 taxes. It’s also a good time to make any last minute contributions to tax-favored accounts, such as an IRA.  Read More

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