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    Chips, Dips and the Transitional Payment Environment

    By Delta Community

    Millions of credit and debit card users have received at least one of the new “chip” cards, featuring a computer chip embedded right on the front. Even though the standard is relatively new in the U.S. (the last major economy to adopt it), we have already become the world’s largest chip market. As of June, Visa alone had issued more than 326 million chip cards - more than the number of U.S. residents! Read More

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    Six Summertime Insurance Tips for 2016

    By Delta Community

    The summer season is officially underway so many of us are looking forward to vacations, swimming pools, boating on the lake or long, lazy road trips. Read More

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    Here Comes the Guide: Ten Financial Tasks to Do Before Tying the Knot

    By Delta Community

    June has long been a favorite month for weddings, but a recent study found September is now the number one month for marriages. That’s great news because it means, if you start right now, you still have time to take care of a most important task – and it’s not choosing bridesmaid dresses or tasting cake. Read More

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    Financial Advice for Mother’s Day

    By Delta Community

    Anyone who is a mom, has a mom - or even just knows a mom - understands their lives are mostly about giving: giving birth, giving advice, giving kids and their friends a lift, and giving money … lots and lots of money. Read More

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    2006 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    We are checking in with our 2006 scholarship winners in the final part of our 10th anniversary series. The first Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship recipients are getting married and establishing their careers.  Read More

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    2008 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    From veterinary school to pharmacy school, the 2008 scholarship recipients share their latest updates in celebration of the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship’s 10th Anniversary. Check out their profiles to see where they are now. Read More

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    Youth Month 2016

    By Delta Community

    April is Credit Union Youth Month – a time when credit unions offer special rates on youth savings accounts and other products that help young people get a financial head start in life. Read More

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    2009 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    We're catching up with former scholarship recipients to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship. 2009 Scholarship winner Anika shares her post-graduation adventures in the seventh installment. Read More

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    2010 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    Our 2010 Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship recipients share their academic progress and career development in the latest installment of our 10th anniversary follow up series. We’re proud to celebrate 10 years of amazing scholarship recipients. Read More

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    2011 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    In the fifth part of our Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship follow up series, we are catching up with our 2011 recipients. Post-graduation and starting their careers, our 2011 winners continue to excel personally and professionally. Read More

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