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    Moms and Money: Raising a Financially Fit Family

    By Delta Community

    It's important that our children have an understanding of finances. Delta Community employee and mother to a four-year-old gives us her family-friendly finance tips.  Read More

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    How a Cashless Generation Teaches Money Management

    By Delta Community

    In an age of ATMs and online and mobile banking, the difficulty with teaching children about money is that so few of us still use, well, money. The good news is that children today are digital natives, capable of completing tasks online, on phones and just about anywhere in the digital space. But parents must still fill the important role of providing them with guidelines for handling money. Read More

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    Investing in Your Child's Education

    By Delta Community

    The federal tax filing deadline has arrived which means it’s refund time! Being that April is also Youth Month, we wanted to focus on ways your refund can benefit your child’s future.  Read More

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    Time Is on Your Side – The Magic of Compound Interest

    By Delta Community

    Delta Community and other credit unions around the country are offering free financial advice for children and teenagers during April, National Youth Savings Month. While young people are usually unconcerned about how they will fund their future, they are in the best position to capitalize on two important elements which can turn even small savings accounts into virtual money-making machines. Those two magic ingredients are time, which young people have in abundance, and compounding interest. Read More

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    Financial Planning for College Freshmen

    By Delta Community

    With the costs of higher education continuing to rise, it is more important than ever for students and their families to develop a strategy to pay for tuition, housing, meals, books and more. While the fall semester may seem like a long way off, now is the time to develop a payment plan. Read More

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    Holiday Shopping and Saving

    By Delta Community

    The holidays can be a magical time; but they may also be stressful for those trying to stretch their budget to cover the costs of everything from holiday meals to decorations. A recent consumer survey by Georgia Credit Union Affiliates (GCUA) found nearly 50 percent of respondents spend between $300 and $1,000 on holiday expenses, and an additional 15 percent of respondents said they spend more than $1,000! Read More

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    College Freshmen Face Fall Classes and Financial Independence

    By Delta Community

    It’s the time of year when millions of students are heading to college for the first time, anticipating the freedom of living away from their parents’ homes. Read More

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    2008 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    From veterinary school to pharmacy school, the 2008 scholarship recipients share their latest updates in celebration of the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship’s 10th Anniversary. Check out their profiles to see where they are now. Read More

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    Youth Month 2016

    By Delta Community

    April is Credit Union Youth Month – a time when credit unions offer special rates on youth savings accounts and other products that help young people get a financial head start in life. Read More

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    2009 Scholarship Winners

    By Delta Community

    We're catching up with former scholarship recipients to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship. 2009 Scholarship winner Anika shares her post-graduation adventures in the seventh installment. Read More

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