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    How a Money-Savvy Quarterlifer Goes Back to School

    By Delta Community

    We’ve tried to postpone it, yet here it is, another back to school season filled with books, backpacks, binders and most importantly, added expenses. Whether you’re heading into your first day of senior year or preparing yourself for another college semester, back-to-school shopping can definitely put a dent in your wallet. Although your shopping list can be daunting, don’t panic, these shopping tips can help you fulfill all of your needs on a budget. So sit back, relax and let us do all of the homework for you – before you’re stuck doing yours! Read More

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    Back to School, Back To Saving

    By Delta Community

    Back-to-school shopping season is here and in full swing. Unfortunately, this time of year can also mean your bank account takes a hit. The National Retail Federation estimates that parents of school-age children will spend about $635 on back-to-school shopping this year! Read More

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    Saving for Your Child's Education

    By Delta Community

    Back-to-School season is a great reminder of the importance of preparing financially for your child’s higher education. While school supply lists and new school clothes may be topmost on your mind right now, this is also the best time to be planning for the long-term. One option to consider is a 529 College Savings Plan - an education savings plan designed to help you set aside funds for future college costs. It might be a little overwhelming to think about, so we’ve broken it down for you. Read More