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    2013 Financial Resolutions

    By Delta Community

    The start of the New Year is our favorite time to make resolutions. When considering the goals you want to set for 2013 after an expensive holiday season, be sure to consider your finances. A few small changes could make a bigger impact than you might think. We’ve shared a few of our favorite financial resolutions for 2013 that could help you improve your financial situation. Read More

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    Give the Gift of Finances This Year

    By Delta Community

    This holiday season, your children or grandchildren’s holiday wish list probably includes a variety of toys, gadgets or clothing. While these are exciting gifts, consider giving them something that has long-term potential and will make a bigger impact on their life further down the road. Certificates of Deposit, 529 College Savings Plans and Roth IRAs are financial gifts that you could consider giving your child or grandchild this holiday. Read More

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    Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

    By Delta Community

    As the holiday season kicks into gear, unfortunately so does the identity theft season. With most consumers increasing their purchasing activity both on and offline this month, identity thieves see increased opportunities to take advantage of you and your information.  Read More