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    Recognize Legitimate Emails from Delta Community Credit Union

    By Delta Community

    When you receive email messages from Delta Community that you feel are suspicious, we can help you learn to spot fraudulent links/websites. If the email contains links, hover over the links to reveal their true target. Our email address is and messages from us are from this address. Be sure to ensure there’s an ‘s’ after http and then before anything else, including a ‘/’ forward slash. There can be no variation of this address, so if there appears to be, this could be a phishing attempt. Read More

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    False Online Banking Message Regarding Data Security Breach

    By Delta Community

    There are reports of a pop up appearing when members log in to their Delta Community Online Banking account. If you receive this message, please do not click on the message as it is NOT from Delta Community. Also, we advise you to have your system checked for malware Read More

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    Rebuilding Your Finances After The Holidays

    By Delta Community

    As 2013 gets into full swing, you may be feeling the effects of the holidays in more ways than one. Holiday spending can take a toll physically, mentally and especially financially.
    Even the most frugal shoppers may find the holidays bring extra expenses that linger long into the New Year. Instead of playing financial catch-up for the rest of 2013, try rebuilding your finances quickly. Read More

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    Email Scam Regarding Online Banking: Scam is NOT from Delta Community

    By Delta Community

    Be aware of the following email that is circulating. This message is NOT from Delta Community, so if you receive it, you should delete it without responding. Read More