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    Cook Your Way to Financial Prosperity

    By Delta Community

    Believe it or not, food is one of the top items that millennials spend the most money on each year. For some, this may come as no surprise. It’s easy to go over budget while shopping in a supermarket, particularly since most of us wander aimlessly through aisles filling our carts without looking at price tags. Before you know it, your buggy is piled high, with items that typically end up sitting on your shelves for months. One of the biggest ways to save is by cutting food and shopping expenses. Here are three quick tips on how you can save costs (and reduce food waste)! Read More

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    4 Easy Financial Resolutions for Millennials in 2014

    By Delta Community

    The New Year represents the turning of a new leaf, and a time to break old habits and set goals for a wonderful year. Like many millennials, you are probably exhausted from a whirlwind holiday season and from your big New Year’s celebration. Well, the good news is that your New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be ridiculous (like learning three new languages or losing 10 pounds by February). If improving your financial prosperity in 2014 in one of your goals, here are some simple, concrete ideas that can help lead you on your financial path. Read More