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    Can Delta Community Help You Track Your Finances On-The-Go? “App-solutely!”

    By Delta Community

    Do you ever wish there was a way to keep track of your budget, hassle-free? Well, you’re in luck - there's an app for that. Apps make it easy to track your latest purchases on-the-go and stay within your budget with the click of a button.  As a tech savvy generation, we know Quarterlifers crave instantaneous financing options, which is why we’re breaking down the best financial apps for you. These headache-free apps will help you keep your sanity, while showing your finances who’s boss: Read More

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    Quarterlife Fashion Tips: Transitioning from College to the Workplace

    By Delta Community

    As a Quarterlifer, your life is one huge transition phase after another. Whether you are preparing for a new baby or moving to another city after graduation, transition phases are hectic, yet exciting experiences in your life. And hey, why shouldn’t they be? After you get over the initial shock of your parents’ heart-shattering “you’re on your own now” speech, it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on to bigger and better things. Read More

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    Don’t Let Your Budget Fizzle Out! Budget-Conscious Ways to Celebrate July 4th

    By Delta Community

    This Thursday is one of our favorite holidays here at Delta Community – the Fourth of July! Many of our members will be celebrating our nation’s independence with family and friends, whether at the lake, beach, in your neighborhood or around Atlanta. Everyone loves a festive celebration, but unfortunately the spread of food, decorations and fireworks can quickly add up and your checking account might leave you feeling not-so festive.  Read More