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    Getting Your First Credit Card

    By Delta Community

    Everyone becomes financially independent at different points in their life. For some, it’s going to college and for others, it’s after graduation. Because there are so many factors that come into play, there’s no set timeline for establishing financial independence. However, a great first step to take towards becoming financially independent is getting your first credit card. As you get older and start applying for loans for college, a car or even a home, you’ll find that you need to have good credit. One way to establish good credit is by demonstrating financial responsibility with a credit card and paying off the balance in a timely manner. Read More

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    Teaching Kids Smart Money Habits during Summer Break

    By Delta Community

    With school out for the summer, most kids are thrilled have three months of freedom. During this time, parents are tasked with keeping them entertained – and that can often mean spending money to do so. Your children might be coming to you and asking for extra cash to pay for amusement parks, concerts or other activities with their friends. Read More

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    Beat the Heat and Your Summer Energy Bill

    By Delta Community

    As the weather heats up, most of us begin coming up with creative ways to deal with the scorching temperatures. We’ve all been through that internal debate: weighing the pros and cons of staying comfortable vs. saving money on your next A/C bill.  Read More

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    Summer Travel on a Budget

    By Delta Community

    With summer in full swing, you might be preparing to pack up and head to a relaxing and tropical destination for some much needed R&R. As a Quarterlifer, vacation may be part of summer break from school or maybe you’ve saved up those vacation days for your first “grown up” vacation, even if it’s only for a weekend. Regardless of whether you’re planning a trip with your family or heading to your best friend’s beach wedding, it can be expensive. But, if you stay money conscious during your planning, you can make smart decisions and stay on budget. Before you start making reservations, consider these money saving tips that will help keep you and your wallet happy. Read More