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    Six Summertime Insurance Tips for 2016

    By Delta Community

    The summer season is officially underway so many of us are looking forward to vacations, swimming pools, boating on the lake or long, lazy road trips. Read More

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    June Radio Spots

    By Delta Community

    Our radio spots that will be on the air in June. Read More

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    Fraudulent Email Circulating Not From Delta Community

    By Delta Community

    Delta Community has been made aware of fraudulent phishing email messages being sent to some members under the name of the Credit Union. This email is titled “Important Online Banking Security Notice.” The message states the member’s Delta Community account has incorrect billing information, and prompts the member to click on a link, log-in to his/her online banking account, and perform various account verifications to update his/her personal information to resolve the problem. Please know this is fraudulent and Delta Community is not associated with these messages. Do not respond to the email and delete the message. Read More