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    Layaway vs. Credit Card for Holiday Shopping

    By Delta Community

    As we enter December, everyone is starting to gear up for holiday shopping. This is a time of year when it really pays to be a smart shopper since the average American spends $832.66 on holiday gifts! While research has shown that the best way to avoid overspending is to use cash, sometimes that’s not an option. Layaway programs and credit cards are alternative methods to pay for big purchases, but how do you decide which one is best? We’re here to help you figure out what’s the best choice for you, so that you can remain a smart shopper this holiday shopping season. Read More

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    Remember Small Businesses on Small Business Saturday

    By Delta Community

    Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide – Small Business Saturday. Last year, over one hundred million people came together to support small businesses that invigorate the economy and keep communities thriving.  Read More

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    Dispelling the Myth of Black Friday

    By Delta Community

    We all know what takes place on Black Friday, and many of us may have even braved the crowds and mayhem in our favorite retail stores to try and catch an amazing discount on a new TV, clothes or other discounted items. Black Friday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, is often advertised to consumers as the best and only day to get these deals and discounts – but is it really? We’re debunking Black Friday myths so you can be a smart shopper this holiday season. Read More

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    Job Scams and Money Mules: Be ware of Job Scams

    By Delta Community

    We want to make you aware of a scam that has recently been circulating to prevent you from being a victim of this or similar scams. If you’re opening an account at the credit union due to a “new job” solicited through email or Internet job website, please use caution. If the job requires you to open an account, deposit or receive funds and withdraw those funds to wire money, there’s a good chance that you’re involved in a scam. This type of scam is affiliated with the term Money Mule. A Money Mule is a person who transfers stolen money or merchandise from one country or person to another, either in person, through a courier service or electronically. The term is commonly used to describe online scams that prey on victims who are desperately in need of money and a job. Victims are unaware that the money or merchandise they are transferring is stolen. Read More