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    Hurricane Assistance Program

    By Delta Community

    Delta Community's Hurricane Assistance Program is designed to provide financial relief to those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Nate in the continental United States. If you have been directly impacted by these hurricanes, you may be eligible for assistance with existing Consumer and Real Estate Loans you have with Delta Community or with any immediate needs you may have for auto purchases or Personal Loans. Read More

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    Financial Tasks to Tackle in August

    By Delta Community

    August is a transitional month that starts the countdown to holiday spending. For that reason, now is a great time to perform a financial “checkup.” People who routinely evaluate their spending, savings and investments have a head start on making sure they end the calendar year in good financial shape. Read More

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    Fall Home Fix-Ups: Exterior

    By Delta Community

    With Summer 2016 in the history books, hot weather is slowly giving way to Georgia’s beautiful fall season. Autumn is an ideal time to prepare homes for winter and the cold, wet weather it often brings. Take advantage of the cooler, drier air of the coming season to spend time outside while repairing, cleaning, and winterizing homes. Read More

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    Fall Home Fix-Ups: Interior

    By Delta Community

    Summer is officially over, and while metro Atlanta isn’t feeling much relief from high temperatures just yet, cooler fall weather is definitely on the way – making this the ideal time to prepare homes for wet, winter weather. Delta Community has recommendations for homeowners whose only question is: where to begin? Read More

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    How to Avoid Rookie Home Buying Mistakes

    By Delta Community

    Congratulations! Buying your first home is a major life milestone. You worked your tail off to save money and put yourself in a position to be a first time homeowner. As gratifying as this moment is in your life, it can also mean sleepless nights thanks to what can be a challenging home loan process. To help ease your mind, we recently spoke with Pam Davis, the Deputy Chief Lending Officer and Vice President of Retail Lending at Delta Community, to discuss tips, advice and the keys to navigating the complicated process. Read More

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    A Quarterlifer American Dream

    By Delta Community

    The American Dream has always depicted people who work hard, overcome adversity and prosper. You own your own home, have the perfect job and a loving family. Well, you may think that this image seems dated, but believe it or not, the dream still exists today; just in different terms. Read More

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    Things to Consider as a First-Time Home Buyer

    By Delta Community

    Buying your first home is an exciting milestone and is one of those big “firsts” that you’ll always remember. But once the initial excitement dies down and you start to do your research (because you’re going to do your research, right?), it can get a little overwhelming. No one taught you how to buy a home in college – how are you supposed to know what you’re doing? Don’t fear! Delta Community is here to give you the tips and the support you need so that this can really be an exciting milestone. Read More

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    Buying a New Home? Delta Community Can Opens Doors For You!

    By Delta Community

    My husband and I recently decided to purchase a new home. With home prices and interest rates at all-time lows, it just made sense. Our first stop was Delta Community’s mortgage department. They have great options for any type of buyer.  Read More