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    Why Branches Still Matter

    By Delta Community

    While consumers have long been able to transfer money, pay bills and even deposit checks directly from their smartphones, research shows many people still want to visit a brick-and-mortar branch for some transactions. Read More

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    Meet the Manager: Delta Community's New Alpharetta Branch Manager Lee Wilson

    By Delta Community

    In May, Wilson and his team of eight employees opened Delta Community’s Alpharetta branch, which is located in the former First Citizens Bank building at 11575 Haynes Bridge Road. In addition to nine front-line branch employees, the location also has professionals who specialize in home loans, commercial loans and investment and retirement advice. The goal is to provide convenient access to a wide range of products and services for members of Delta Community and other credit unions in its “shared-branch” network. Read More

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    Expansion of Our Field of Membership

    By Delta Community

    It’s easier than ever to become a Delta Community member. Thanks to new legislation, we’ve been able to expand our field of membership. Now, if you work in one of the 11 metro Atlanta counties we serve, you’re eligible for membership with the Credit Union, regardless of where you live. Read More

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    Food for Thought - Dinner and Discussion

    By Delta Community

    Your feedback matters. At Delta Community Credit Union, we want to know what makes our members happy. We want to know what we can do to improve. And we want to know what our members hope to see in the future. But it’s not enough for us to send out surveys or review comment cards. Yes, those are valuable sources of information, but we like to take it a step further by hosting quarterly Food for Thought dinners in the communities we serve. Read More

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    Shred Days in the Community

    By Delta Community

    Now that tax season is behind you, you might be looking for a way to safely and securely discard sensitive papers such as bank statements, medical history papers and pay stubs. If a document contains your signature, Social Security number, account number or medical or legal information, it should be shredded when you no longer need it. While Delta Community no longer hosts Shred Day events, we've collected a list of upcoming local shred events to help meet your needs. Read More

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    Profile: An Interview with Carol Sundberg, Senior Vice President - Payments & Member Service

    By Delta Community

    After serving members for more than 41 years, Carol Sundberg is retiring on July 1. As part of our 75th anniversary, Carol offered some interesting insights into how Delta Community and the banking industry have changed over the past four decades. Read More

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    Find Your Passion and Never 'Work' a Day in Your Life

    By Delta Community

    Entering the workforce can be intimidating. Picking a career path to pursue can be even more stressful. In order to enjoy going to work each day, you need to choose a career field that interests and inspires you. Here are 5 tips every young professional should consider when searching for the perfect career. Read More

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    April Is Financial Literacy Month – So What Does That Mean?

    By Delta Community

    Since 2004, April has been officially recognized as Financial Literacy Month. What is financial literacy? It means being able to establish and maintain healthy finances and understand the basic rules of personal finance. Essentially, financial literacy is the study of money – how to make it, save it and invest. On a deeper level, financial literacy also covers knowing how to make informed decisions about your money and resources. Read More