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    Make Your Holiday Shopping Rewarding

    By Delta Community

    It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday – holiday shopping is in full swing. We all know the old saying, “cash is king,” but why use cash when you can get rewarded for using your Delta Community Visa® Credit or Debit Card? Read More

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    Fraudulent Email: Account Access Temporarily Disabled

    By Delta Community

    Delta Community has been made aware of fraudulent phishing email messages being sent to some members of the Credit Union. This email's subject line says, "Account access temporarily disabled." This fraudulent message states that Delta Community has detected unusual activity related to the member's account and has temporarily disabled it. It prompts members to click on a link to reestablish account access. Please know Delta Community is not associated with these messages and will never request username or password information via email. Affected members should delete the message. Please do not click on the link or respond to the email. Read More

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    Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay are coming to Delta Community

    By Delta Community

    Members have been eagerly awaiting the implementation of mobile payment services, and our Card Services team is actively working to prepare the Credit Union to offer Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay in early 2017. Read More

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    Stupid Places to Stash Your Cash

    By Delta Community

    The holiday season, for all its sparkly fun, often brings added stress in the form of gift-buying, restaurant dinners … even the need for new party clothes. As you prioritize where to spend your money, it’s important to also spend some time thinking about the best places to keep your money. There are many blogs, websites and professionals with recommendations for smart places to keep money. This is not one of them. Here, we offer a word of warning about some really dumb places to stash your cash. Read More