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    A Quarterlifer American Dream

    By Delta Community

    The American Dream has always depicted people who work hard, overcome adversity and prosper. You own your own home, have the perfect job and a loving family. Well, you may think that this image seems dated, but believe it or not, the dream still exists today; just in different terms. Read More

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    Defying the Generation Y Stereotype

    By Delta Community

    The ink is barely dry on your hard earned diploma, and the memories of your commencement ceremony have started to fade. For the first time, you realize you are about to jump into the “the real world.”  Hopefully armed with solid internship or work experience, you are motivated to find your first post-college job. You’ve taken your classes and done your work, so are you prepared to find your dream job? Read More

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    International Credit Union Day: Get the Most Out of Your Credit Union

    By Delta Community

    Thursday, October 17th is International Credit Union Day, a day that has been celebrated among credit unions since 1948. ICU Day is recognized to reflect on the history of credit unions and promote the achievements of these financial institutions. While we like to show appreciation for our employees that support the ICU movement, we also like to use this day to thank our members for being part of our community. Read More

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    Regrouping During Financial Planning Week

    By Delta Community

    This year, the Financial Planning Association is celebrating Financial Planning Week from October 7 - 13. According to the FPA, Financial Planning Week is an opportunity to remind people of the value of financial planning and to help them make smart decisions to achieve their financial goals.  Read More