Blog Posts

  1. Shred Days in the Community

    By Delta Community

    If you’re looking to safely and securely discard papers such as bank statements, medical history papers, and other documents containing confidential information that you’ve collected throughout the year, then look no further than a local shred event. Read More

  2. Fraudulent Email: Unrecognized Login Attempt

    By Delta Community

    Delta Community has been made aware of fraudulent phishing email messages being sent to some members under the name of the Credit Union. This email is titled “Unrecognized Login Attempt.” Please know this is fraudulent and Delta Community is not associated with these messages. Delta Community will never request username/password validations via email. Do not click on the link or respond to the email and delete the message. Read More

  3. October Radio Spots

    By Delta Community

    New radio spots in the month of October. Read More