March 15, 2017 · Features

24-Hour Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Replaces Audioline

With the recently enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone access line, Delta Community will officially retire our Audioline system beginning April 25, 2017. After this time, all telephone account access will be available at 800-544-3328. Using the newly updated IVR, you can conveniently and securely manage your accounts via phone 24/7, including reviewing account and loan balances, transferring funds, reviewing transaction details and much more.

Although Audioline will be phased out in the coming weeks, but you can begin using our IVR today. Simply call 800-544-3328 and follow the steps below:
  • Enter your member number or 16-digit Visa Debit or Credit Card Number
  • Enter your 4-digit Telephone PIN (the same PIN you've used for Audioline)
  • Follow the prompts for your desired self-servicing options

If you need help along the way, a Member Care Agent will be available to assist you.