The Get Cash Back Progam is ending June 30, 2021.


After careful consideration, we have decided to retire the Get Cash Back Program on June 30, 2021. This program provided offers associated with purchases made using a Delta Community Visa® Debit Card. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision. However, remember we still offer great rewards through our Reward Points Program when you make eligible purchases with your Delta Community Debit and Credit Cards.

Get Cash Back Program Ending FAQ

What is the Get Cash Back Program?
The Get Cash Back Program allowed members to earn cash bonus rewards by opting-in to select offers for making purchases with their Delta Community Credit Union Debit Card.

Is the Get Cash Back Program part of the Rewards Points Program?
No. The Get Cash Program is totally separate from our long-running Reward Points Program that works with both the Delta Community Visa Credit Cards and our Debit Card.

Why is the Get Cash Back Program ending?
Delta Community has recently made investments to make our Reward Points Program more robust and offer members even greater rewards. One enhancement is a new program, Ampre, which functions similar to the Get Cash Back Program.

Ampre awards bonus points when you use your Delta Community Debit or Credit Card at participating local and national merchants. There’s no opt-in required, so you’ll earn points whether you know it or not. To learn more, log into your Reward Points account and select Ampre under Earn More.

When will the Get Cash Back Program end?
The Get Cash Back Program will end effective June 30, 2021.

Can I still earn rewards with my Delta Community Debit Card?
Yes. Our Reward Points Program allows members with an enrolled Delta Community Debit Card to earn 1 point for every $3 spent in eligible purchases (non-PIN transactions).

How can I enroll my Debit Card in the Reward Points Program?
You can enroll your Delta Community Debit Card by accessing Rewards Points under More in the Mobile App or from the Additional Services tab in Online Banking.

How do I redeem points with the Rewards Points Program?
Points can be redeemed on our Rewards Points website. You can choose to redeem points for Cash Back, Gift Cards, Merchandise, Travel and more.