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Delta Community has really taken off!

Every company has a history. And we do, too. It’s one that we’re very proud of. It all began back in 1940 when eight Delta Air Lines employees came together to form Delta Employees Credit Union with a tiny stake of only $45 in share capital. Within two months, we received our first charter entitling the Credit Union to 20 years of operation and the first Board of Directors was composed, opening membership to all Delta employees. By the end of our first year, assets had grown to approximately $2,000.

The first 20 years went very well. So well that in 1960, Delta Employees Credit Union was granted its second charter. The second 20 years were even better. By 1983, our assets exceeded $200 million, a first for any credit union in Georgia. Since then, we’ve remained the largest credit union in the state of Georgia.

In July of 1994, we made the decision to eliminate the stipulation that only active Delta Air Lines employees could be members by adopting a policy of

"Once a member, always a member.” We also extended membership eligibility to the parents of active and former Delta employees in good standing, which brought the total number of members to 100,000 within a year. Membership privileges were extended to the children, grandparents, brothers and sisters and spouses of Delta Air Lines members as well.

The turn of the century brought about some big changes to Delta Employees Credit Union. In 2001, domestic partners of members were added to our field of membership. And in 2005, the name was changed to Delta Community Credit Union, signifying not only its ongoing connection with Delta Air Lines, but its new focus on the community as well, which brings us to the biggest change to date. Delta Community decided it wanted everyone in metro Atlanta and members of specific companies to be able to enjoy membership privileges, too. So we changed the rules to allow it to happen, and we have become a great financial resource for the community.

Today Delta Community Credit Union has assets exceeding $4.8 billion, and membership of more than 314,000.

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