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Sharon Renaud, Public Relations Manager

Delta Community’s Seven Simple Suggestions for Safe Summer Travel

Credit Union Provides Tips for Financial Safety during the Summer Holiday Season

ATLANTA (June 30, 2015) – Delta Community Credit Union (, Georgia’s largest credit union with $4.8 billion in assets and more than 318,000 members, offers simple ways to protect your wallet, home and bank account during the summer travel season.

In a recent website blog, Delta Community professionals recommend common sense steps to take before you hit the road:

  1. Travel light. Carry only the credit cards you need. Leave your checkbook and cards with your social security number at home.
  2. Use a credit card for major purchases. Your liability for unauthorized charges is limited, and you can dispute unsatisfactory purchases. If you’re traveling, bring contact information for each of your cards so you can alert the company immediately if your card is lost or stolen.
  3. Abstain from social media. Posting your plans or pictures may give local thieves the information they need to break into your vacant home.
  4. Tell a trusted friend and your financial institution about your travel plans. In fact, make copies of your itinerary, all the credit cards you'll be carrying and your passport, to leave with a friend or relative at home.
  5. Protect your cash. Split up your cash, putting some in a money belt and some elsewhere, such as in your shoe. Keep a small amount of “give up” money handy in case you are confronted by a robber.
  6. Stop mail delivery while you’re away. This avoids tipping off thieves that your home is empty and prevents someone from gaining access to sensitive information in paper documents.
  7. Wear sunscreen. You’ll get more bang for your vacation buck if you’re not side-lined by painful sunburn. In the long run, sunscreen is likely cheaper than any anti-aging or medical treatment you may need later because of over-exposure to the sun now.

“Individuals are their own best advocate and first line of defense against theft and fraud,” observed Bill Buchanan, Delta Community’s chief risk officer. “We hope everyone will arm themselves with the knowledge they need to be financially safe this summer, whether they’re spending time at home or abroad.”

About Delta Community Credit Union

Delta Community Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative with a mission of providing consumers better service and value on the deposit, loan, investment and insurance products they use to manage their household expenses and save for the future. Delta Community was founded in 1940 and has become Georgia’s largest credit union with $4.8 billion in assets and 26 convenient branch locations. The Credit Union now welcomes residents of 11 metro Atlanta counties and employees of more than 140 businesses, including Chick-fil-A, Delta Air Lines, RaceTrac and UPS. Visit to learn more about opening an account at Delta Community or follow the Credit Union on Facebook at and Twitter at @DeltaCommunity.

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