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Build Your Credit and Get Rewarded At The Same Time

Update: This blog reflects historic information. For our current credit card rates visit our Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card page.

One of my friends recently paid off all of her credit cards and cut them up, vowing never to use them again.  I told her that was a big mistake. Sure, it’s cool to be debt free, but part of having good credit is maintaining it. It’s hard to do that without a credit card so I suggested she keep at least one card active and pay it off on a monthly basis. At Delta Community, we offer one of the best Visa® credit cards out there ... with no annual fees and competitive rates as low as 9.75% APR variable.

Delta Community Visa® cards include a great program that rewards users for their purchases. Our free Reward Points program lets you make the most out of every purchase, earning you 1 point for each $1 for Visa Credit Card purchases or 1 point for every $2 when you sign for purchases with your Visa Check Card.

Our members redeem Reward Points for everything from Travel, Cash Back to Gift Cards and even Merchandise.  One of our members recently wrote, “I was behind on my bills and wasn’t going to be able to buy Christmas presents for my family. I got my statement and realized I had enough points to redeem for Cash Back. It was such a relief to be able to not get behind on bills and also get Christmas presents for my family.”

That’s just one cool story. What will your story be?

Article submitted by Renee