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Cash In On Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and for many of you that also means it’s time for spring cleaning. Although this task often includes a long list of household chores that you – and the kids – may try to avoid, spring is the perfect time of year to do a complete sweep of the house and get rid of old stuff you don’t need anymore. But this year, instead of just throwing out your no-longer-needed items, consider selling a few of the items below for some extra cash. You may be surprised at how much you can make! 
  • Clothing: It’s always a good idea to sort through your closet and drawers once a year to get rid of clothes you just don’t wear anymore. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, you probably won’t wear it again. You can have great luck selling clothes online, on websites like eBay, or at brick and mortar consignment stores. The key is to focus on seasonality. You’ll likely make more money if you sell your summer clothing in the summer and wait to sell your winter clothes in the fall.
  • Cell phones and other electronics: Chances are you have some older models of cell phones, computers or mp3 players lying around your house that no one in your family will need in the future. These gently used devices can be sold online either directly to buyers or to companies. 
  • Books, DVDs, Videos:  Children constantly outgrow books and DVDs, just as they do their clothes! There are many websites and a few retail stores that specialize in trading or reselling different media. Do some research and see where you can get the best price for what you have.
  • Old furniture, lawn mowers, and other household items: Many of us have an old coffee table or lawn mower cluttering up our garage or basement. If furniture or equipment is gently used and still in working order, consider selling it. You’ll get extra pocket money AND extra storage space!
There are several websites that make it simple and easy to post, sell and ship almost anything you no longer want. As an alternative, you can always consider hosting a garage or yard sale for your items. You should also consider teaming up with your neighbors. By joining efforts, you will have more items to sell and can share the tasks of promoting and hosting your sale.

Another option is to donate these items to a charitable organization and write it off on your tax return next year. Though it might not put cash directly in your pocket right away, if you’re willing to wait it will benefit you in the future and someone in need right now. As always, your Delta Community representatives are available to help you with any financial questions that may come up along the way.
Article submitted by Autumn