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Profile: An Interview with Carol Sundberg, Senior Vice President - Payments & Member Service

After serving members for more than 41 years, Carol Sundberg is retiring on July 1. As part of our 75th anniversary, Carol offered some interesting insights into how Delta Community and the banking industry have changed over the past four decades. 

Q: Tell us how banking at Delta Community has changed since you first started working.
A: As a teller in 1974, I would type withdrawal checks and handwrite deposits on two-part receipts, one for us, one for them. Our copy went to the computer room so the member’s balance could be updated every two weeks on a large ledger book. Loan payments had to be hand calculated, too. When we introduced checking accounts in 1981, we had computer terminals and accounts were updated daily.

Q: You oversaw the development and introduction of Delta Community’s debit and credit cards. Can you speak to that process?
A: In September 1996, we replaced 50,000 ATM cards with the Visa Check Card. In October 1996, we converted our Visa Classic credit cards from a third-party managed program to an internally managed program and introduced a Gold card. Today, we offer several different types of credit cards. Our card portfolio for both debit and credit has grown to more than 200,000 active Visa cards. We’ve come a long way.
Q: What was unique about Delta Community’s first Visa Gold Card?
A: Atlanta was the host for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, so we thought it would be nice to commemorate this special occasion by including the torch or symbol for the 1996 Summer Olympics on the front of our first Gold Card. We received permission to do this from Visa and by a division of the Olympic Committee that protects their brand, making our first Gold Cards unique.
Q: What exciting possibilities do you see for Delta Community and the banking industry in the future?
A: I can’t wait to see what happens with mobile payments. Will we really be able to pay for everything with our phones? That’s an exciting possibility that could revolutionize commerce and banking.
Q: Have you used Delta Community’s mobile deposit service yet?
A: Yes, and I am a big advocate for it. The service is very easy to use and extremely convenient. Members who have already converted to our new online banking platform can download the new mobile application and sign up for the service once they log in. They can then proceed to make their first deposit by following the simple prompts. Checks submitted by 2 p.m. are credited the same business day, while checks submitted afterward are credited the next business day, subject to a two-day hold for amounts above $500 in a single day.
Q: What makes Delta Community different from other financial institutions?
A: We walk our talk. Larger banks may have a branch on every corner, but we’re still offering our members better value in the form of products such as free checking with rewards. You’re getting paid market price – or better on your deposit accounts. We care about our members, too. When we can’t say yes to a loan, we look for ways to help the member get the loan later through budgeting, credit counseling and other resources. We have always done everything we can to provide value to our members.