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You Don’t Need to Write Checks to Need a Checking Account

Having a checking account is a great way to account for your money and keep your finances organized. I happen to use mine for everything ranging from automatic bill payments, online banking and direct deposit.

Check cards are also an extremely convenient way to manage your finances. The Delta Community Visa® Check Card gives me 24-hour access to my funds, with unlimited ATM transactions, the ability to transfer funds and obtain my account balance information anytime, anywhere. Having this card provides me with easy and secure access to my funds - whether I’m on vacation, out of town or running errands around my neighborhood.

Not only do I love being able to use it everywhere Visa® is accepted (even across the globe), the check card comes with an extra perk – allowing me to earn points for money I already spend on selected transactions! My Delta Community Checking Account gives me peace of mind knowing I can spend confidently, knowing my purchases are covered (up to $500) should my account ever have a shortage of funds.

The benefits associated with my Delta Community free checking account include:
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly service charge
  • No per-check fee
  • Dividends
  • Free overdraft protection from my Savings Account
  • Free check card with rewards
For me, having my finances under control without the worry of hidden fees or monthly service charges and other unexpected expenses makes me feel confident in my banking choice. Delta Community is definitely an option worth checking out!

Article submitted by Ollie