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Find Your Passion and Never 'Work' a Day in Your Life

5 Tips for a Smooth Transition into the Working World

Entering the workforce can be intimidating. Picking a career path to pursue can be even more stressful. In order to enjoy going to work each day, you need to choose a career field that interests and inspires you.

Here are five tips to consider when searching for your perfect career:

1. Follow your Curiosity

If you follow your curiosity, picking a career path becomes much easier.  Know what you are curious about and what things don’t catch your interest. Following your curiosity can help you eliminate career paths that might not be a fit and find the ones that will spark your interest.

Forbes gives the example of Steve Jobs. His curiosity in typefaces ultimately resulted in a career in the information technology field and major contributions to Apple Inc.

No idea is too crazy - go after your dreams.

2. Learn by Doing

Often times, people pick their careers through extensive research. Although research is a valuable tool, experience can be a better one. US News choosing a path article suggests finding internships, work-study programs, or part-time jobs to ‘test drive’ your chosen career path.

Hands-on experience will provide you with a unique ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of a career field.

Through on the job experience, you can see if you will enjoy the daily tasks, office environment, and opportunities, available in a career path. Early job experience can help you jump start your career in a field you are passionate about.

If you enjoy a job after hands on experience, go for it!

3. Don't Worry about Income when Picking your Career

Picking a career based off of salary can leave you empty handed. If you are not passionate about your career choice, it can make going to work every day a challenge. Generally, people who are not interested in their jobs can struggle with work quality and on the job performance.

The most money is made at the top of a career. The best way to reach the top is through a career you enjoy.

4. Don't Over-commit

According to career expert Penelope Trunk, you should not overcommit to one path. Often times, people choose a career path for the wrong reasons, such as pressure from a friend or family member. If you overcommit to a specific career path that you don’t enjoy, it could be a waste of time.

Keep your options open and do not rule out any career paths.

5. Find your Work Style

According to US News choose a career article, your work style is very important. Certain career paths require a certain personality or work style. Some jobs may have very strict deadlines, while other jobs may have a more relaxed work flow. If you are a person who does not like structure, a career with strict regulations might not be a good fit.

Experiment with job opportunities in different office environments to discover your ideal work style.

Transitioning to the professional world can be difficult, let our team at Delta Community Credit Union make it easier for you. If you have any questions about saving money from your first job or setting up a retirement fund, let our experts help you make a smooth transition into the working world.