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Insuring your teenager through Members Insurance Advisors

Over the summer, I do my best to avoid thinking about going back to school in the fall, getting stressed out and doing homework. But, in reality, summer is the best time to plan ahead for upcoming tasks, school and what is ahead for me.
As a younger credit union member, I know I need to start planning ahead now. For my teenage brother, summer is definitely not for planning; it’s about getting his license for the first time, driving around with friends and taking road trips. He’s 16 – and the world is his. I think we all know remember that feeling.
One of the first ways we prepared for my brother getting his license was talking to the Members Insurance Advisors at Delta Community Credit Union to insure we would all be protected and covered in the event our young driver got into an accident or got hurt in any way. After getting all the information and signing up for automobile insurance coverage, I know my family will all sleep a little better at night knowing the baby of the family is covered and we are more prepared together.
The Members Insurance Advisors advantage includes:

•  A personal insurance advisor who will take time to review your coverage, research options and then talk with you about whether or not  they can help in a friendly, informative way.

• Competitively priced products written through “A“ Rated insurance carriers like AAA, The Hartford, Travelers, Progressive and more.

• A complimentary yearly insurance review to see if any coverage improvements or savings opportunities might have developed over the past year on your car and homeowner’s insurance.

In addition to auto insurance, MIA also offers homeowners, golf cart, flood, accident/cancer, term life and whole life insurance products. Additional coverage with an umbrella policy or liability protection is also offered.
Don’t wait until summer is over to protect and insure your teenagers! Plan ahead and protect your family now. The first step is to complete an online form located under the Quotes tab at An insurance advisor will then contact you to discuss your needs, plans and possible savings.
Take care of your family and your teens today so you can make sure you have many tomorrows with them. Enjoy your summer without worrying about the semesters ahead … and don’t forget to have fun and relax!

Article submitted by Kem