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Don’t Let Your Budget Fizzle Out! Budget-Conscious Ways to Celebrate July 4th

This Thursday is one of our favorite holidays here at Delta Community – the Fourth of July! Many of our members will be celebrating our nation’s independence with family and friends, whether at the lake, beach, in your neighborhood or around Atlanta. 

Everyone loves a festive celebration, but unfortunately the spread of food, decorations and fireworks can quickly add up and your checking account might leave you feeling not-so festive. We’ve included a few quick areas and tips to help you cut a few corners, save a few bucks and celebrate this weekend without breaking the bank. 
  • Decorations - No one will know where you purchased your decorations, so head to your local dollar store first! Table decorations are easily found and balloons can be purchased in packs of red, white and blue. If you’re feeling crafty, Better Homes and Gardens has some great DIY décor ideas for your party. 
  • Food and Dessert - Skipping the pre-made and prepared platters at the grocery store is an easy way to save a few dollars. Ask guests to bring along a side item to serve with your easy-grill items, such as hamburgers or hotdogs. If you want to opt for paper products and plastic utensils, add that to your shopping list at the dollar store as well. 
  • Beverages - Consider purchasing beverages at a wholesale distributor or a discount store. Buying in bulk can help reduce the price, compared to purchasing at your local grocery store. 
  • Fireworks - Check out your local parks or community centers to see if there are any free firework displays taking place. If you want to have your own (safe, consumer-approved and legal) fireworks, consider purchasing on July 4, as prices are likely marked down.  Hint: Super-savvy shoppers will purchase fireworks on July 5 for next year’s celebration! 
  • Travel - If you’re traveling for the holiday, make sure you are equipped with travel apps such as GasBuddy, which helps you find the cheapest gas closest to you while you’re on the road. Plan ahead – and you might even want to read another one of our blog posts on traveling on a budget.
No matter what your plans are to celebrate the Fourth of July this week, you don’t have to hurt your bank account while doing so. Have a happy holiday!

Article submitted by Jeff