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How to Get the Most out of Your First Pay Check

Congratulations! You’ve landed your first job. One of the best things to do is figure out where you can cut costs and start putting more money into savings. Your 20s are a terrific opportunity to get ahead financially by stashing away money regularly from each paycheck. Follow the tips below for saving on the necessary expenses that come with working life.

Don’t Get Cleaned Out By the Cleaners

As the new person in the office, you must look your best. Old mustard stains will not make a good impression on your new boss. A dry cleaning service can keep your work clothes in tip top shape, but that also comes with a price. Follow these three tips to make the most out of your trip to the cleaners:
  1. Clean in the Cold. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the slowest time of the year for dry cleaners is the winter months. Often times, they'll offer 20-30 percent discounts to encourage new business. Take advantage of this by bringing in your spring and summer outfits during the winter for cleaning. 
  2. Pack a Pen. Keep a stain removal pen and cleaning wipes in your desk drawer. You never know when you will spill coffee on your pants. This could save you a stain removal fee on your next dry cleaning bill. 
  3. Shop with Dry Cleaning in Mind. Before you purchase new work clothes, check the tag for special dry cleaning instructions. According to, clothes are required by law to outline at least one cleaning method. Purchase garments made of natural fibers that can be washed by hand or on a washer’s gentle cycle in cold water.

Commute for Less

Commuting expenses can add up. To make the most out of your paycheck, follow these three tips for a more cost effective commute:

  1. Carpool. When the time is right, ask your co-workers if they would be interested in riding to work together. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia Commute Options offers carpoolers incentives such as gas gift cards and the ability to use the less congested carpool lane. 
  2. Bike it Out. When possible, hopping on your bike is a healthier and cheaper alternative to get to work. Make sure you have a clear and safe riding path from your home to the office. Even if you only choose this method once a week or when the weather permits, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on gas each year.
  3. Work from Home. If your job allows, suggest to your boss that you would like to work from home one day a week. Each day you don’t have to commute is extra money in your pocket. Who knows? You may be even more productive in your pajamas.

Take the time to appreciate the fact that you have a job. You worked your tail off to get to this moment in your life and you deserve it! For more financial tips on how to navigate through this important milestone, check out our Resources tab which includes helpful links. For those of you that need extra help, never fear. Stop by a Delta Community branch and speak to a member service representative today.