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2009 Scholarship Winners

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship, we are following up with former scholarship recipients to see where they are now and to hear, in their own words, the impact of the scholarship.

Our latest profile comes from our 2009 scholarship recipient Anika, who is out of college and ready for adventure. Read her profile below to learn more about her academic progress and world travels.


Anika Burrell

Anika (right) at her graduation from
Pomona College

Anika Burrell

Anika climbing in Washington state

Anika Burrell

Anika (right) visiting the Bolivian salt flats

Name: Anika Burrell

School: Pomona College

Major: Chemistry with a focus in Biochemistry

Professional Growth: Currently, Anika works as a laboratory technician in an electron microscopy lab at the University of Washington. During her undergraduate coursework, Anika worked as a research assistant in the Pomona College Biochemistry lab. A highlight of her time there was a laboratory instruction manual she developed was implemented into the CHEM115 class.

Global Experience: While in school, Anika studied abroad in Chile at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile and spent 6 months living with a host family. After graduating in 2013, she spent 4 months traveling through South America. Over the course of her trip, Anika visited Machu Pichu, the Chilean Patagonia, Rio de Janiero, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Personal Development: Baking is one of Anika’s favorite activities. After graduation, she spent 6 months working as a vegan baker at Sweetpea Baking Company in Portland, Oregon and started a blog ( to chronicle her baking adventures. Anika also enjoys bouldering, a form of rock climbing, in her free time.

Future Plans: Anika enjoys researching the relationship between function and protein structure in her work at the University of Washington electron microscopy lab. She plans to begin her graduate studies this fall and pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

“This scholarship was one of the many small dominos that set me along the path where I now stand. The Delta Community Scholarship allowed me to attend Pomona College. My experiences at Pomona College have defined the individual I am today.”