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2015 Scholarship Winners

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship. To celebrate this milestone, we are looking back on our former scholarship recipients to see where they are now and how the Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship impacted their lives.

In the first part of our follow up series, we're checking in with our 2015 scholarship recipients to see what has happened in the past year. Our most recent scholarship recipients update us on their first semester in college, post graduation plans, summer internships and more.


Adriana on Georgia Tech Campus

Name: Adriana Amyette

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Major: Computer Science

Academic Achievements: This year Adriana received a full travel scholarship to the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference and was selected as a semi-finalist for the Amazon Student Scholarship.

Where can you find her: Currently Adriana works as an intern at the Office of Information Technology at Georgia Tech and at MELT Marketing Agency on the Georgia Lottery account. She is also an active member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority at Georgia Tech.

Future Plans:  When she graduates in 2019, Adriana hopes to work in project management or software engineering at a technology company.

“The Delta Community Scholarship has helped me to achieve my goals in that the scholarship funds have allowed me to be able to purchase Computer Science textbooks that have contributed to my success as a programmer.”


Janeen (second from left) in New Haven with her suitemates

Name: Janeen Thomas

School: Yale University

Major: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and South Asian Studies

Academic Achievements: In addition to the Delta Community Scholarship, Janeen earned a Yale College Scholarship, a National Merit Scholarship, the Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship and the Gloria Sherman Memorial Scholarship. On campus, she earned a paid position with the Yale Child Study Center.

Community Involvement: While at school, Janeen mentors children in the New Haven community through the Bridges of Hope mentoring group. She is also an active member of Yale Students for Christ. At home, Janeen serves as a Yale Ambassador and a Quest Ambassador to local high schools.

Post-Graduation Plans:  Janeen plans to attend medical school after she graduates from Yale in 2019.

“The Delta Community Scholarship helped me attend the college of my dreams where I have been taking classes that I truly enjoy in my areas of interest and meeting incredible people who have made great impacts in the community.”


Matthew is a proud University of Arkansas Razorback

Name: Matthew May

School: University of Arkansas

Major: International Business

Academic Update: Despite suffering a serious injury that required him to finish his first semester courses from home, Matthew maintained a high GPA at the University of Arkansas and was recently inducted into the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

Scholarship Highlights: Matthew has earned the Herbert Kelleher/Rollin King Southwest Airlines Scholarship, the University of Arkansas Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship, the Southwest Airlines Credit Union Scholarship winner and the Dr. JJ Pearce Memorial Scholarship to finance his undergraduate education.

Where can you find him: Matthew actively participates in the University of Arkansas Student Alumni Association and was recently elected as a board member. This summer he will be working at Addison Airport and continuing his flight lessons.

Future Plans:  After he graduates in 2019, Matthew plans to follow his passion for flight and become a commercial pilot.

“I am honored to have been chosen to receive a scholarship from the Delta Community Credit Union. It is definitely making a difference in my education. Paying for college is a big concern, and this scholarship has helped tremendously.”


Micayla is in her junior year at the University of West Georgia

Name: Micayla Hersey

School: University of West Georgia

Major: Political Science, Public Administration Minor

On Campus: Micayla remains involved on campus through the Political Science Club and research opportunities in the Political Science department. She was recently chosen by the Political Science department chair to research election turnout for Carroll County and earned a position as a paid student assistant.

Highlights: This year Micayla received the Thomas Herndon award, which is presented annually by the University of West Georgia’s Honors College to a Political Science student who demonstrates academic achievement and leadership qualities. She was also selected to present her research on the United Nations at the National Council on Undergraduate Research.

What’s Next:  This summer, Micayla will be working in Washington D.C. as a Congressional Intern for Congressman Mark Meadows. After she graduates in spring 2017, Micayla plans to continue her education by pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science.

“The Delta Community Scholarship is the primary reason that I will be graduating with my undergraduate degree without any student loans. It has allowed me to focus solely on my education without having to worry about how I was going to pay for college. Because of Delta Community’s scholarship, I was able to accept an internship in Washington D.C., even though it was unpaid, because I had the financial support from this scholarship.”