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Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Winter

Don’t let the falling temperatures this winter make your energy bill go sky high. Finding ways to cut your energy bill doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s the simple choices you make that can put the most dollars back in your wallet.

Try the five small things below before the wind chills!

Fill it up: Make sure dishwasher and washing machines are full before you turn them on. They are both more energy and water efficient when full. Washing clothes in cold water, and hanging them up to dry, can save you even more. Solar and wind power doesn’t get more direct than a clothes line!

Slow your flow & think low: A low-flow showerhead requires less water and needs less heat to warm the water. You can also insulate your water tank and set the thermostat two degrees lower to save energy. If you have a set thermostat, this range is midway between “warm normal” or “low medium”. You can still get a great shower without the elephant grade pressure!

Clean your cooler: Simply cleaning the condenser coil on your refrigerator can improve its productivity. When searching for your next fridge, look for an ENERGY STAR model, which typically has a more energy-efficient compressor, better insulation and temperature controls. These features offer energy savings that conventional models can’t.

Timing is everything: Install a timer on your water heater and furnace. Turn it on when you wake up in the morning and off before you to bed. Few people realize that waiting to do electricity-heavy activities (such as laundry or showering) before 7 am and after 10 pm can hugely reduce your energy requirements and costs.

Unplugged: Unplug home electronics when you’re not using them. Most of them have features that suck up electricity, even when you’re not using them! This can add up to as much as $75 in additional energy costs per year. And after you read these excellent tips, be sure to turn off your computer, too!

Article submitted by Jeff