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Know the Power of Your Personal Credit Card Benefits

Consumers are always looking for the best deals, including those for credit cards. Reward programs make card offerings attractive, and consumers are generally loyal to their bank or credit union issued cards. Nevertheless, many cardholders are probably unaware of the additional benefits their credit cards offer, failing to understand or take advantage of some great security and consumer-protection features.

For example, some Visa® credit cards offer cardholders access to benefits such as Visa Checkout, Verified by Visa and Zero Liability:

  • Cardholders enrolled in Visa Checkout, a digital payment service, can complete online purchases quickly, safely and securely.
  • Verified by Visa verifies a cardholder’s identity – before authorizing online purchases.
  • Zero Liability guarantees cardholders are not responsible for fraudulent charges if their account information is compromised.

Each of these services are free and give consumers peace of mind that their purchases – especially those made online during the holiday season – are safe, secure and protected.

Other, perhaps less known Visa credit card benefits that help protect consumer purchases are Purchase Security and Warranty Manager

  • Purchase Security offers replacement, repair or reimbursement on eligible items purchased with a Visa credit card up to $500. This coverage can also extend to theft and certain types of damages.
  • Visa Warranty Manager helps consumers manage the warranty of products they purchase with their Visa Credit Cards, and in some cases, even extends the original manufacturer’s warranty through Extended Warranty protection.

During the holidays, millions will hit the roads to enjoy the company of family and friends. Before renting a car, check to see if your credit card offers Auto Rental Collison Damage Waiver as primary or secondary coverage. This benefit eliminates the need to purchase collision damage insurance or similar coverage provided by commercial auto rental companies on most passenger vehicles.

Don’t forget that some credit cards offer Roadside Dispatch, a pay-per-use, on-demand service providing emergency roadside assistance for unexpected roadside events, such as battery boosts, tire changing, fuel delivery, towing and locksmith services.

Now is the perfect time to become more familiar with the card benefits available to you as a credit cardholder. If you have questions about your card’s benefits, contact your financial institution today. Learn more about the additional benefits available to Delta Community Visa Credit Cardholders, including cell phone protection coverage offered with the Young Adult Visa Credit Card.