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Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay are coming to Delta Community

At Delta Community, it’s all about our members. This is why we always listen closely to your feedback and aim to provide the services you want most. Members have been eagerly awaiting the implementation of mobile payment services, and our Card Services team is actively working to prepare the Credit Union to offer Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay in early 2017.

Once we roll out the mobile payment services, you will simply need to enroll your Delta Community Debit or Credit Card with Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. When checking out at a merchant who offers the ability to pay using your phone, a unique, one-time device account number will be sent to the merchant to provide an approval needed to process the transaction. This way, your actual bank details aren’t involved in the transaction, protecting you in case a data breach occurs with the merchant.

There are several benefits that come along with use of mobile payment services, with security and convenience being at the top of the list. We are excited to offer this technology to our members in the near future, and we appreciate your patience as we finalize the details.

We will keep you informed on our progress via our website, Facebook and Twitter.