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Make Your Holiday Shopping Rewarding

It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday – holiday shopping is in full swing. We all know the old saying, “cash is king,” but why use cash when you can get rewarded for using your Delta Community Visa® Credit or Debit Card?

Reward Points can be used to get everything from Travel with no blackout dates to Gift Cards; you can even get Cash Back. So why not benefit from your holiday shopping this year? Here is some advice on racking up the most Reward Points as possible this holiday season:
  1. Receive Bonus Reward Points just for signing up. When you open a Delta Community Visa Credit Card, you are automatically enrolled in our Reward Points Program. You’ll need to enroll your Debit Card in the Reward Points Program, but you can easily do that within Online Banking. When you enroll as the Primary participant with your Delta Community Credit or Debit Card, we’ll give you 2,000 bonus points. Be sure to also sign up your family members who are using the same account as Contributing Participants to earn the maximum amount of Reward Points. 
  2. Know the rules to earn Reward Points. Did you know that it is necessary to use your card as credit rather than debit in order to earn Reward Points? When given the option, always sign for purchases made with your Debit Card. It’s important to know these types of guidelines up front so that you don’t miss out on earning points.
  3. Earn 2x and 3x Reward Points. Earn even more points with your Delta Community Visa Credit Card. Every quarter we offer members 2x and 3x Reward Points on purchases in select categories. At the beginning of each quarter, make sure you log in to your Reward Points account and activate the current deal. Right now, for example, you can earn 2x points for using your card in department stores and electronics and 3x points for using it in grocery stores, on gas and travel. All of which come in handy during holiday shopping.
Visit our website for more information on the Reward Points and Bonus Reward Points Programs.