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Take Charge of Your Financial Future

I was catching up with some of my best girlfriends last night, and we were talking about the power of women. It’s true! Women in our society care for loved ones and maintain successful careers and healthy lifestyles, but some of us fail to take charge of our financial futures. 

Whether we’re single or married, a career woman or a full-time Mom, we all need to make sure financial security is on our “to do” list.

We all know we should know the ins and outs of our household finances, but sometimes it’s easier to let your significant other take care of it. Even if you’re not the one who pays the bills in your household, it’s still important that you know what, how and when to pay them in case you need to fill in.

Developing a family budget is another “should do” that many of us “don’t do.” Seeing just exactly how and where we spend our money can be a real eye-opener.

Even though my girlfriends and I are a long way from retirement, it’s not too early to start saving and establishing both short- and long-term goals. And, just because I work in the financial industry doesn’t mean I’m an expert in knowing about all my investment options.

That’s why I recommended that my girlfriends contact the Retirement & Investment Services team at Delta Community Credit Union. They can help you get started with a plan that suits your individual needs so that you can take charge of your financial future.

Article submitted by Kate