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Get More Halloween Treats!

For every holiday we journey through each year, there is a way to save money. Halloween can be expensive if you add up the costumes, the candy, the driving around from neighborhood to neighborhood, the decorations and more. It's time to get scarily smart this Halloween.
While shopping in advance does get you prepared, the closer we get to Halloween, the more discounted costumes are. A large selection of costumes is already 50 to 60 percent off at places like Target, Wal-Mart, Babies R Us, Kmart and more. If you are not into buying costumes, play around with clothes you already have (or your parents’ old clothes!) for some great costume ideas. 
Visiting thrift stores and other discount stores are great places to find fun items too. Another idea is to have a costume swap with neighbors and friends! While your kids may not want to wear the same costume twice, there may be other costumes around they would like.
You don't have to be a goblin when it comes to candy either! Several stores already have candy on sale too. Make sure you shop around for different candy prices. Search for coupons online and make sure you look through Sunday's paper for more discounts.
For decorations, there are several things around the house you can use. Play scary music for free from your laptop, make tombstones from cardboard you have lying around to decorate the yard, let your kids toilet paper a bush or two and look for other decorations you can transform. Most importantly, if you do buy decorations, don't forget to save these items for next year!
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