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Sell Your Leftover Halloween Candy and Benefit a Great Cause!

Decorations are up, costumes are for sale and candy stocks the shelves of the grocery stores -- all signs that Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween kicks off the holiday season… a time when we have the tendency to over-indulge, not only in food and treats, but in our finances as well. Luckily, Halloween does not have to be one of those holidays! Halloween candy buyback programs help you get rid of your leftover candy and make a little extra cash while also helping a great cause.
Leftover Halloween candy can be sold to programs that include the candy in care packages that are sent to the troops. These programs, often headed up by dentists, put the care packages together and send them to military personnel later in the holiday season. 
Donating your household’s extra candy will not only prevent your child from eating unnecessary sugar, it can also teach them about saving money and donating to a worthy cause. Many dentists sponsor events where children and their families can come and donate for cash, prizes or raffle tickets. Some dentists even get those serving in the military to come to the events so your child can fully understand where their candy donation is going. If an event is not sponsored in your area, there is always an option to mail in the candy.
When Halloween winds down and there seems to be a never-ending supply of candy in your house, consider one of these candy buyback programs. Ask your dentist’s office if they participate or visit to search for participating dentists in your area. The choice will benefit your family’s health, teach your child about money and philanthropy and benefit a great cause!
Article submitted by Kelly