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International Credit Union Day: Get the Most Out of Your Credit Union

Update: Effective December 28, 2015, Carvana is Delta Community’s official car buying service. Carvana can be reached by calling 404-530-9000 or 800-226-5152 or on the web at

Thursday, October 17th is International Credit Union Day, a day that has been celebrated among credit unions since 1948. ICU Day is recognized to reflect on the history of credit unions and promote the achievements of these financial institutions. While we like to show appreciation for our employees that support the ICU movement, we also like to use this day to thank our members for being part of our community.
We hope you are aware of the benefits of your Delta Community Credit Union membership, but do you take advantage of everything we have to offer? While many of you may have originally come to us for one loan or maybe you’re a member because of your parents, we want to make sure you have all the facts about what it truly means to belong to a credit union. In honor of ICU Day, we’ve highlighted some of the biggest benefits you can experience while you’re a member of Delta Community.
You have ownership.
Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned by you, the member. Ultimately, this means that you’re the boss. And since you’re the boss, we work hard to give you the best rates and service that we can. Since we aren’t a for-profit organization, you can trust that we have your best interest in mind.
Better rates.
On average, credit unions offer lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings accounts – isn’t that what everyone wants? We thought so. This chart from the National Association of Federal Credit Unions shows that the average bank rate on a four-year, new-car loan is 6.92 percent. The same loan at a credit union is 5.43 percent. On a $30,000 car loan, that’s a difference of almost $450. Those are additional funds that you could use to pay that loan off more quickly.
Loan and major purchase support.
By “support” we don’t necessarily mean financially – though credit unions do help with lower rates. Whether you need a home, auto or personal loan, Delta Community offers experts in all areas that can help you make the best decision for your financial situation. For your home purchase, we offer Home Loan Specialists and a number of different mortgages, including one specifically for first-time home buyers. For car loans, we not only offer lower rates but also  access to a car locating service, Car Solutions, who will help you find the exact car that you need, at no charge. 
Account options and expertise.
Credit unions are sometimes knocked because consumers think that our basic account options don’t match up to those with banks. But that’s simply not the case. From basic checking to savings, IRA savings to CD’s, plus mobile banking features, credit unions have many of the same services offered by bigger banks. 
Delta Community also offers retirement and investment financial advisors that can provide advice and insight into how to manage your finances and plan for the future. Our experts study the latest trends to be sure that you don’t miss any relevant opportunities. These contacts are always available to assist members and answer any questions regarding retirement, investments and insurance.
Financial literacy and education.
Many credit unions provide programs and workshops to give members the tools and education necessary to best manage their finances. Delta Community provides seminars and events throughout the year at each of our branches on a variety of subjects, including financial planning and retirement. We focus on providing our members with the information required to make the best decisions for their financial present and future. These seminars are free and are open to all members. 
In addition, credit unions focus on bringing financial literacy to a broader audience. Delta Community does this through programs and partnerships with organizations such as brass Media. We work with schools in the metro Atlanta area to provide financial resources and information to teachers to better educate their students.
These are just a few of the benefits of being a member of a credit union such as Delta Community. In honor of International Credit Union Day, we want to thank you for your membership and ask that you let us know if we can better serve you in any way.