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Error message: We're sorry the system is unavailable due to nightly processing (Memo Post Mode)

I'm trying to access certain services in Online Banking but I keep receiving a message that states "We're sorry the system is unavailable due to nightly processing".

This error message is generally received when our systems are in Memo Post Mode. This is a system mode that allows the Credit Union to run nightly and month-end programs while still allowing you to access your account. There is a notification on our home page detailing the nightly processing mode times and dates. Memo Post Mode usually lasts for approximately one hour and occurs on a nightly basis around 1:00am ET. During Memo Post Mode, we are backing up account records and transactions, therefore services under the Account Transactions tab are disabled temporarily. These services (Transfers, Online Bill Pay, Check Withdrawal, Pending ACH) are disabled to ensure new transactions you enter through Online Banking are recorded when the systems are available. All other services in Online Banking are available during Memo Post Mode and you can still view your account balances. You will not be able to initiate real time transactions or change your access code during post mode.

If you need to access these affected services please try accessing Online Banking at a later time after Memo Post Mode has finished.

If the above steps did not rectify the problem, you can contact us online via the Secure Email located under Additional Services.