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Knowledge Base Article

Quicken won't accept login credentials for account access

I'm unable to access my account information through Quicken Online (accessing through Quicken’s website). It won't accept my login credentials but I'm entering the correct information.

You will need to reset your Online Banking password.

  1. Log in to your Online Banking account.
  2. Click on Update Password under Account Management.
  3. Enter your current Password and new Password in the applicable boxes and click Save.

    Please Note: You will need to create a password without any special characters or letters.

  4. Reopen Quicken and follow the login instructions, this time using your account number and new Password

If you are accessing Quicken through a desktop application, log into Online Banking. From the Additional Services, choose Connectivity for Quicken and Quickbooks to ensure your setup is complete. If you are still experiencing issues with your login credentials, contact us at 1-800-544-3328 for assistance.