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Knowledge Base Article

Lowering Loan Rate if Credit Improves

If I repair my credit, resulting in an improved credit score, will you lower the rate on my existing loan?

While we are unable to refinance an existing loan for the sole purpose of lowering the rate, we are committed to helping you understand the importance of your credit history, and providing you with the tools and information needed to help rebuild your credit, enabling you to take advantage of our competitive rates in the future.

Delta Community has teamed up with BALANCE to provide access to the Balance Financial Fitness Program. Among other benefits, it can provide a free and confidential Credit Report Review. Call to receive one-on-one counseling services ranging from money management to housing to debt management and everything in between.

For Identity Theft Protection, Members Insurance Advisors, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Community can assist you with affordable services. For enrollment or more information on Premier and Basic coverage check out the Members Insurance Advisors website.