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Certificates of Deposit

Add our CDs to your interest collection.

One of the first things you need to know about managing your finances wisely is that you shouldn’t let your money just sit. So if you have money lounging around in a checking account or savings account, you might want to put it into one of our Personal Certificates of Deposit, where it can earn a higher rate of interest.


What is a Certificate of Deposit or CD Account?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is another way for you to watch your money grow at a higher interest rate. It is similar to a savings account in that it helps you grow your money but CDs are a time deposit. Your deposited funds are set for a fixed term and can be used once the certificate of deposit has matured (fixed term is complete).

All of our personal certificates of deposits earn interest daily and have flexible terms to fit your financial needs. And when the CD matures, you can renew it for another consecutive term or have the funds transferred to your Checking, Savings, Additional Savings or Money Market Account.

Here are some other helpful facts about our CDs

  • Maturity notices sent 30 days from maturity date
  • Interest compounds monthly or can be transferred monthly to your Checking, Savings, Additional Savings Account or Money Market Account
  • 6, 12, 24, 36 or 60 month terms available
  • Joint ownership and beneficiaries permitted
  • 10-day grace period for cancellation of renewal at maturity
Check to see just how much you will have once your Personal Certificates of Deposit Account matures with our free Savings Calculators.

Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in earning solid dividends with our Certificates of Deposit.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

With Delta Community Credit Union, the longer the term you choose for your personal certificate of deposit account the higher your cd rates will be and the more money you will have once it matures.

Tier RateDividend RateAPY*
6 Month0.30%0.30%
12 Month0.45%0.45%
24 Month0.64%0.65%
36 Month0.84%0.85%
60 Month1.24%1.25%

Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in earning solid dividends with our Certificates of Deposit.

Compare Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Delta Community Credit Union has one of the highest certificate of deposit rates compared to other banks.

Select a product:
Company APY
Delta Community CU 0.30%
Bank of America 0.03%
Chase Bank 0.01%
Regions 0.05%
SunTrust 0.10%
Wells Fargo 0.01%

Competitor APYs as of the first day of the current month, provided by

Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in earning solid dividends with our Certificates of Deposit.

Related Articles

  • Certificate of Deposit FAQs
  • How do I open a CD?
    You can open a new CD through your Online Banking. Here, you can add existing joint owner(s) and beneficiaries that are currently included on your primary savings account or elect not to name anyone as a joint owner or beneficiary. Once you have logged in, select Add an Account located under Additional Services.

    If you are not an Online Banking User or to open a CD with different joint owner/beneficiaries, you may use the Certificate of Deposit Application
    . This application requires signatures from you and all joint owners (if applicable).

    Can a joint owner open a CD?
    No. The signature of the primary member is required to open a CD. A joint owner of the CD is authorized however to request the closing of a CD.

    What is the difference between the savings rates and a CD rate?
    Rates offered on CDs are higher than rates offered on regular share accounts. However, once a CD is purchased, the rate at the time of purchase is fixed for the term of the CD, whereas the rates on regular shares are not fixed, and can fluctuate monthly based on market demands.

    Are CDs insured?

    Yes. CDs are insured through NCUA. Existing titling requirements/guidelines apply.

    What terms are offered for CDs?

    We offer 6, 12, 24, 36 and 60 month terms. Click here for more information and complete details.

    What is the minimum deposit to open a CD?

    The minimum deposit is $1,000.

    Can I open up the CD today and deposit the money later?
    You can take up to 14 days to fund your CD using a variety of payment methods including: Online Banking transfer and Account to Account (A2A) transfer from another financial institution. As a benefit to our members, you ll be guaranteed the best available rate between the day you open the CD and the date you fund it.

    What fees and penalties are involved with a CD?
    There is no monthly charge or fee for maintaining a CD. An early withdrawal penalty is incurred when a CD is closed prior to maturity. Early withdrawal penalties are as follows:
    6 month CD - Penalty is equal to 31 days of interest
    12 and 24 month CDs - Penalty is equal to 90 days of interest
    36 and 60 month CDs - Penalty is equal to 180 days of interest

    Partial withdrawals are not allowed with CDs

    What is a maturity date? Why is it important?

    The maturity date is the date on which the term of the CD expires. At this time the CD is either renewed for another term at the current rate, or the funds are transferred into any share and the CD is closed. It is important because the rate remains fixed up to this point.

    Can I change my renewal selection I made when opening my CD?
    You may change your renewal selection at any time before your CD has reached its maturity date. You can contact us within Online Banking from Secure Email located under Additional Services, by phone or by visiting one of our branches. Please provide your instructions to either renew or deposit the funds into the selected account.
    After the maturity date of your CD you will
    have a 10-day grace period following the renewal date. If you want to make changes to the term or if you wish to make a withdrawal from your CD during this 10-day grace period, your existing CD will need to close and a new one opened with the new terms and conditions.

    Can I discontinue my CD before the maturity date?

    Yes. CDs can be discontinued before maturity, although you may be subject to an early withdrawal fee based on the term of the CD (see fees above).

    Can I extend my CD term once opened?

    No. After your CD matures you may use your funds and open a new CD with a different term.

    How do I receive my interest? Can I make a change on how the interest is disbursed before the CD matures?

    Your interest may be posted monthly back into your CD, into another share, or a check may be issued for the monthly dividend amount. You may change how your interest is disbursed at any time before your CD reaches maturity. Contact us via Online Banking from the Secure Email under Additional Services, by phone, or come into one of our branches to request the change.

    When is interest posted for CDs?

    The interest is posted on the last day of the month, just as they are with other deposit accounts.

    Are partial withdrawals allowed for CDs?

    Partial withdrawals are not allowed. The funds must remain in the CD for the entire term. If a withdrawal is made, it must be for the complete balance and the CD will be closed. If closed prior to maturity date, an early withdrawal fee may be assessed.

    Are CDs allowed on a minor's account?

    Yes. A CD can be opened on a minor's account with a qualified joint owner.

    Can a CD be used as collateral on a loan?

    No, a CD cannot be used as collateral.

    Can additional deposits be made to the CD after the CD is opened?

    Additional deposits cannot be made to the CD once the CD has been opened.

    Are joint owners and beneficiaries allowed on a CD and can they be changed after the CD has been opened?
    Yes, joint owners and beneficiaries are allowed and can be changed once the CD has been opened.
    To change or remove beneficiaries you may use the Designation of Beneficiaries form. To change or remove joint owners please log in and contact us within Online Banking from Secure Email under Additional Services to request the paperwork necessary to make the desired changes.

    Click here
    for more information.

  • IRA CD details
  • Delta Community Credit Union offers IRA CDs to complement our savings-based IRAs. When you plan for retirement it's nice to have options, and our new IRA CD product is just one more way the credit union strives to bring you new products and services that help you plan for the future.
    Traditional and Roth IRA CDs offer the same great benefits as our savings-based IRAs, including:

    • No set-up, administrative or maintenance fees
    • An easy application process
    • Trained IRA specialists
    • An informative online IRA service center
    • A low $1,000 minimum investment
    In addition, IRA CDs have fixed-terms of 12, 24, 36, or 60 months which allows you to lock in your rate for a fixed term. An IRA CD with a fixed term typically pays a higher annual percentage yield than a savings-based IRA with no fixed term. They are also federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000.

    Click here for rate information.
    To open up an IRA CD, click here.

  • Accessing CD balance with Quicken

  • Can I access my CD through Quicken?
    Currently Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are not accessible through Quicken. However we are working to implement this feature, so look for this feature in the near future.

Ready to open a Certificate of Deposit?

All you need to do is log in to your Online Banking Account, go to the Additional Services tab and under Services select Add an Account.

If you are not an Online Banking participant, you may use the Certificate of Deposit Application. This application requires signatures from primary and joint owners (if applicable).

Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in earning solid dividends with our Certificates of Deposit.


APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Competitor products displayed are those with terms comparable to the respective Delta Community CU product. APYs are accurate as of the first day of the current month and are provided by   Consult the financial institution directly for full product terms and current rates. $1000 minimum opening deposit required. Early withdrawal penalties apply.

CDs are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal government agency. The basic insurance amount is $250,000 per individual account holder. Share insurance coverage can be increased if accounts are held in different categories of ownership, such as joint accounts and payable-on-death accounts.

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