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Youth Savings Account & Child Savings Account banking services

Youth & Child Savings Account: Ages 12 & Under

You’re never too young to start saving.

How many times have you wished you started saving earlier? Well, your kids certainly can do what you wished you would have done. Delta Community Credit Union offers our future leaders a great way to get their personal savings ball rolling and keep it moving with our youth and child savings account. For those a little more financially savvy, we've created Quarterlife, a complete banking program for young adults (or the young at heart).

Child Savings Account: Sandy Savers™
(Ages 0-6)

Open a personal savings account for your child to help save for their future.

Youth Savings Account: Cool Cash Kid
Ages 7-12

Teach your children to manage their own money and the importance of saving.

youth savings account & child savings account sandy savers club

Whether a Sandy Saver™ or a Cool Cash Kid, your child can have fun saving and learning about finances at Delta Community Credit Union. They’ll receive periodic communications from the Credit Union and have access to our epic Ton-o-Cash website to learn all about money through savings adventures. Learn more about the Ton-o-Cash website from our blog post Saving Money is Fun With Cool Cash Kids.

Once your child’s savings account is opened, all Sandy Savers and Cool Cash Kids will receive a special welcome package. And to help them celebrate their birthday, they’ll get a special birthday message during the month of their birthday.

Want to enroll your child in a youth or child savings account?

It’s easy. For any child 0-12, just complete the Sandy Savers™ Club Enrollment Form and return it to any one of our local credit union locations along with the $5 membership deposit. Any child, grandchild, sister, brother, niece, nephew or cousin (natural, legally adopted or step) 12 years of age and under of an eligible Delta Community Credit Union member can open a child or youth savings account as long as they have a joint owner. View Delta Community Credit Union membership eligibility. The member to whom the child is related must be a member in good standing with Delta Community Credit Union.

young adult checking, young adult savings accounts & young adult financial services at quarterlife

Quarterlife was made for our young adult crowd (high school, college, young professionals and life starters). It's a financial program that serves as a guide, a resource and a complete banking platform to help young adults figure out this whole money thing. And with tons of features, Quarterlife is your financial resource through each stage of your life. Want to start building a credit history? We provide Young Adult Credit Cards with no annual fees and several other financial services that can help you begin a good credit foundation. Contact a Member Care representative to get started with Quarterlife today!

Check out our Savings Tips for Young Members.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change. APY accurate as of first day of current month. $5.00 opening and minimum balance required.

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